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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Charities/beggers/sales people try to get your attention while you're walking through the streets/shopping centre, do you A) Headslam B) Investigate X) Apologise Y) Threaten

      Pretend to talk on mobile phone.

    Hey Mark... quick question, why isnt Singularity avaliable on steam in Australia?

    It was going for $8 yesterday on the summer sales and i'm quite bummed i couldnt but it.

      Don't know...

      You're not missing much!

        Yeah... good help you are... i actually liked singularity.

    Nice work on GG!! But a few things...

    Kotaku AU seems to only do reader reviews, or put up the odd US review. Is this an editorial decision?
    "Games are not a TV???????"
    Are you one of those people who buys like 10 of the same shirt so it looks like your fashion is timeless????
    Do you own an iron?????


      I nearly fell off my seat when I realised his shirt was different to usual!

        Must alternate, without the blue checks it's the same shirt!!!

      My wife made the same shirt comment!

      Editorial decision. Basically I don't like writing reviews, and I see Kotaku as a different beast. You can read a million different reviews on other sites. I'd rather you came here for news and Aussie focused features.

      That said - I'm happy to do reviews if you guys really want to see them. You guys are my boss!

    I saw you on Good Game last night...

    With a voice like that, where the hell is your matching beard to go with it? Jeez, man!

      Too much ginger could tear the space time continuum a new arse.

    3DS owners:
    Are you happy with the console at the moment? How many Streetpasses do you have now?

      I like my 3DS, I just don't have time to play it :( I have a whopping 2 streetpasses. That's only because I live in Castlemaine and everyone is a bum.

      Very happy.
      I haven't played anything but Ocarina of time for the past 2 weeks.
      Streetpasses hits are around 100, only 50 something different people met though.

      Not really, it's spent a good chunk of time sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Got some recent use lately with OoT, but with the current game lineup I suspect that once I finish it'll probably go back on the shelf. If you're thinking of buying it I'd suggest waiting until there are enough good games for it to become worthwhile. Only 10 or so on Streetpass I think, I'm a pretty anti-social gamer :(

      44 streetpass hits, 36 people in my plaza.

      I still get a tiny bit excited when I see that little green light.

      I use mine every day as a step counter and to get the puzzle pieces (1 more to go on the Kirby pic and I have everything!) as well as romping through the quest.

      I raced through OOT but and taking my time with the Master Quest, by sticking to playing the thing just on public transport hopefully I won't be bored with it before a new game comes out.

      Not really happy at all with it TBH.

      Enjoying Zelda - but mad shortage of games.

    I failed to watch Good Game last night because, well, I never watch it normally, and I was playing Transformers: War For Cybertron and/or watching Cowboy Bebop.

    Will you ever forgive me? What if I promise to watch you on iView?

      You can watch episodes online at

        I am disappointed there was no death stare.

      TF:WfC was a surprisingly awesome game, I really enjoyed it.

        It is part of my shameless gaming month - but only cuz I spent too much time on the multiplayer and not enough in the campaign!


    Now that Links Awakening is on the 3DS eShop, what other titles do you hope to see?
    Also, in the Itchy and Scratchy CD-ROM, is there a way to get out of the dungeon without using the wizards key?

      The Legend of Zelda 3D, The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap, The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords and The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past...

      Oh, and Metroid II. ;)

      lol Jamie!

      Super Metroid!

    The PSN is down. Do you think they are doing a store overhaul like you reported is coming?

      Could be a million reason...

      Hope so!

    Will you marry me?

      Dat Bigamy.


    What are your thoughts on the socio-economic problems facing the poverty-stricken populace of Tajikistan?

      [Walks past pretending to be on mobile phone]

        I see what you did there and I like it.

    Has there been any whisper of Catherine being released in the EU/AU markets? Or just the US?

      I think chances are we'll see it here eventully.

    Do you have a cure for the common cold???

      Hot Water + two cloves of crushed garlic, diced chilli, teaspoonful of ground ginger, two tablespoons of honey + 1 squeezed lemon.


    Your favourite videogame, film & song at the moment? Also, which exciting release at the end of the year showdown will you buy first? Uncharted? Skyrim? Battlefield? Modern Warfare?

      Child of Eden
      Love out of Lust
      Super 8

      Probably Uncharted.

    After my rant yesterday on pre-conception of games and how people tend to judge things before they play them - where do you stand on this?

    Are you likely to compare something with haste, or try to let the game fill it's own shoes before passing judgement?

      As a consumer, it's completely rationale to pre-judge a game. Else you'd have to buy everything and hope for the best. I do find it strange that people will bitch about a game they haven't played on the Internet though.

      I thought it was a fair point. Space Marine, to an extent was destined to play a bit like Gears as a result of the universe and the character design.

      Also - I thought it looked fairly good!

    Hi mark,

    Just bought fallout new Vegas during the steam sales. Are you able to update me on the big patch that was recently announced by bethesda? Is the game still that broken? I feel like if the patch is going to come out soon I will wait until that comes out so I don't have FUUUUUU moments

    What is with Digital Media / Streaming rights?

    Why can we not access Netflix, Hulu or Zune Pass due to rights restrictions but we can subscribe to in this country?

      Additionally - want to reduce piracy and recoup monies - bring these services here - I'll gladly pay the same costs (or double even) what the US pay for these services...

      Have to be honest and say I don't know - but it might be worth investigating?

      Watch this space.

    Just enjoyed the recent Interplay Sale over at which ended the other day.

    Maaaaaaan they had some great titles...which begs the question, what happened ??

      Last reported, Interplay has 3000 dollars cash in the company... They are on the verge of collapse. Hence the sales.

    Hey Mark,

    Did you know the kids that were born the same time as when Halo was first released will enter high school in the next year or so?



    I'm sure you get some games for free, but do you buy games that you like so as to support the developers or do you play the free games then support the game by buying DLC?

      I don't buy games I already have a copy of - but I still spend a lot of money on them!

      I just bought a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy for like $75!

    Quiver edition for LoTR:WitN.

    Yes, or HELL YES?


      No comment.

    So PsP Vita, excited or not? the PsP go was only any good when its been hacked for Australian users. As the PSN Australia store is rubbish. Does Playstation Australia have any plans to get the PSN store up to scratch to the USA PSN store before launch of their new handheld?

      I'm very excited. Can't wait to see the OLED screen in person.

    How long does it take stuff to get sent from ozgameshop? I want my turtle beach 360 wireless headphones NOW!!!

      Varies a lot. Sometimes 5 days sometimes a month. But I would say round 2 weeks

        Thanks for the info! Hopefully it's closer to 5 days than a month!

    Apart from Journey, what else are you looking forward to for the remainder of 2011?

      Selling myself for game money. Batman Arkham City, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Rage, Battlefield 3. Too many great games coming out in a couple of months. If you're talking just on the digital front, then nothing really. I was looking forward to Bastion, but Warner Bros are totally console-blocking me by not releasing it on the PSN. Sony really need to step up their game with some PSN exclusives, because XBLA get all the good ones.

      Man, I think most of the games I'm really excited about are coming out in 2012!

      Bioshock Infinite
      The Last Guardian
      Batman Arkham City


        What have you heard?
        I thought it was still coming in October.

    In the name of the Emperor!!!

    I've been trying to find a Australian retailer that will carry the Space Marine pre-order bonus Emperor's Children + Iron Warriors skins. Any idea if there is a retailer that will carry it in Australia?

    As far as I can tell, Eb has the golden bolter/chainsword pre-order bonus and Jb has the Space Wolves + Black Templar's skins as their pre-order bonus, but no one seems to carry the other one.

    The Wii is nearing the end of its lifespan, and as such I'm thinking it's time that I started filling up the holes in my collection while the games are actually still available. So I'm wondering exactly what would comprise the 'definitive' Wii games collection. By this, I'm meaning games that are a) actually games, none of that casual or fitness game nonsense, b) platform exclusives (or significantly updated ports which are substantially different on the Wii), c) retail releases (any region)

    My current collection:
    - A Boy and His Blob
    - Arc Rise Fantasia
    - Fragile Dreams
    - Klonoa
    - Madworld
    - Mario Galaxy
    - Metroid Prime 3
    - Muramasa
    - No More Heroes
    - Phantom Brave (not counted, but I didn't have the PS2 release)
    - Sin and Punishment
    - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    - Xenoblade
    - Skyward Sword
    - The Last Story
    - Pandora's Tower
    - Dragon Quest X

    Before anyone mentions it, I own Twilight Princess on the Gamecube. Dead Space Extraction would normally be on a list of definitives too, but the PS Move port is arguably better and it was included with Dead Space 2 on PS3 anyway. I also own Wii Sports/Fit/Play, but they're outside criteria really, especially Wii Fit, plus it can be assumed that almost every Wii owner is going to own at least Wii Sports.

      Mario Galaxy 2
      Donkey Kong Country Returns

      House of the Dead Overkill. It's a great title when you have mates over and for a rather short and simple game it offers plenty of replay value. (Try and get the Bang Bang Box version with the two guns)

      Also, Cursed Mountain is a rather good title to check out if you like horror games and if you can find a copy anywhere.

      I hate the characterisation, but I think Metroid: Other M has excellent game play.

      Red Steel 2 looks decent also NMH2 I guess.

      My mate swears by House of the Dead Overkill

      Kudos for getting Twilight Princes on GC - by the time I went looking for one you couldn't find a copy anywhere.

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