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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Have you had any video games that made you rage as hard as Trauma Center made me rage?

    /Shameless linkage

      That reminds me, I want more Arkham Asylum Let's Plays. Just saying.

        Sorry about that. I've been focused on Shameless Gaming, so Batman (and Homefront) fell to the wayside. I do plan on editing another video or two together soon, but I don't have any timeline on that.



        Are you telling me someone actually watches those?


        Oh god... so awkward...

          I always just assumed that people clicked on the links and then closed the page when they realised how horrible your contribution to the LP is :p

          You mean apart from that one (definitely not creepy) musical intro loving fan?

      Ahahaha! Nicely done.

      Most recent rage-fest was during one of the barrel levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

    Are you more Battlefield, or Call of Duty?

      I'm a fan of tight, well designed, competitive 4v4 maps. I guess that means Call of Duty, but I don't play regularly. I'm a huge fan of Halo multiplayer.

    Any news on whether or not MW3 on PC will have dedicated servers?

      There was a report they wouldn't.

      Then there was a report that it was being looked into.

      So no - nothing concrete. My guess is no.

    After your epic win at "Remember This", are you gonna quit while you're ahead? :P

    Hey Mark hows your Month of Shame going right now?

    We've had 4 games completed by two guys of ours. Malloc finished Mass Effect today, Kus finished Portal 2, Stacking (?) and Overlord 2. Other people are working on Red Dead Redemption, Zelda Windwaker and FZero (N64 version), we've got all variety of platforms going here, not just the modern ones, some of our guys have gone all the way back to 3 generations ago. It's kinda heartwarming and shameful to know we've got games from that long ago not finished yet! lol.

    So yeah, hows yours going?

      Like absolute shit! Was going good guns on Bulletstorm.

      But just got codes for From Dust and Bastion.


      Shameless gaming derailed.

        Keen for FROM DUST impressions dude!!

        Busting to get on that game

      Those guys seem to be doing pretty damned well. I'm still sitting on two games (Uncharted 2 and Starcraft 2) with Trauma Center almost finished.

        Adding one more> One guy finished Beatles rockband and another is about to finish Vice City... I'm soooo not winning this hey. lol.

    Did Catherine get banned in Australia?

    I saw it on the US XBL Marketplace, but you need a Gold account to get the trail.

      Catherine is unrated in Australia, as it currently doesn't have a European distributor. Your options for the full game are to wait patiently while praying, or order it from overseas, while hoping it will work past the region locking.

        Just on this, is there somewhere where you can check whether games have the region lock-out? was thinking about importing the 360 version of No More Heroes seeing as no distributor wants to.

          Play Asia is actually REALLY good with this.

          xbox 360 version is region locked :( spent hours and hours trying to find out if it wasn't and i got stuck with that rubbish news...

    Why are the treasure maps in red dead redemption so vague at times?

    "hmm looks like a picture of a rock, almost identical to EVERY OTHER BLOODY ROCK IN THE WHOLE OF MEXICO!!!"

    i apologize for my outburst, its just the 5th map has me stumped and i refuse to look it up online. lol

      Make sure you look at all the clues. I can't remember it but im sure i got them all without going online.. I just remember that they had clues to town names etc on them also...

      I know that prob didnt help, but stick at it man.

      I managed to get them all - once you've played the game a lot you'll find yourself going - 'I know where that is' instantly.

      Some are tough, others are easy.

      That was one of my favourite parts of Red Dead actually.

      What an incredible game that was!

      thank you both, i will trudge through and revisit the treasure hunting another day.

      HeHe - I know your pain.
      Once I did the first one (1/2 hr stood on nr the dam thing) the rest only took under an hour but I had played mostly through the game before attempting.
      Once you get the mindset and have been to most places in the game it was very easy

    Hey Mark, I was thinking that MS might not follow Apple's lead and do a MS point price adjustment because:

    1. they're greedy scum
    2. It's not a dollar for dollar adjustment, it's a dollar for MS point adjustment, and those MS points are currently floating around there in physical card form in their millions. Meaning that if they suddenly changed the value of AUD-MS point ratio, all physical stores with MS point cards stock would have incorrect pricing.

    What do you think? Or am I missing something.

      I think the answer is 'people like money'.

      If we make enough noise and stop spending, they'll adjust. If we don't they have little reason to change pricing.

        I'd stop spending if they'd stop releasing games like Limbo on the platform. I guess I'm just part of the problem...

        Still, the "deal of the week" promotions are sometimes pretty good. I'm trying to keep myself to those.

        Might have to bite on Bastion though.

    Have you missed my intelligent and relevant questions in "Ask Me Stuff"?

    Also, pants?

      lol pants.

      Where we're going... we don't need... pants.

    Something I've always been curious about. What's the character limit for comments?

      Ask Plainview. If anyone knows, it's that guy.

      My guess, though, is no limit. :)

        Pfft... Kotaku Chronicles far outnumber Mr. Views ramblings :P lol

      If there is we haven't hit it yet!

      Plainview! DO YOUR WORST!

    Any ideas on your next project after you complete this awesome coverage of the R+18 topic? I ask this assuming that it will be resolved.

      Remember, Assume makes as ASS out of U and ME.

      The issue will never be resolved.

      Thanks man!

      I got some plans! We'll still continue talking game prices, but I've got a couple of feature ideas burning away!

    Have you seen the trailer for the TinTin movie? If so, thoughts?

      My thoughts were "WHY IS MARK IN THIS TRAILER?"

      Apart from that, I think it looked quite promising.

      My first thought was - after Boris Becker and Simon Pegg, I've had enough.

      My second thought was - they owe me likeness rights.

    Should I buy a 3DS?

    I'm really tempted because of Ocarina of Time, but no other game on it really interests me ATM and the future line-up isn't looking so hot.

    I haven't played OoT before.

      See, I'm inclined to say that OOT 3D is not for people who haven't played it before. It's for chumps like me who want to pay to play it all over again!

      I'd wait on the 3DS. Mine is gathering dust. Literally.

        I'd disagree on the OoT thing, I hadn't played it before, but I had a lot of fun whipping it out (and for once not being arrested for it) around other people, and getting their advice and the knowledge they'd built up over playing through it twelve times. But I guess mileage could vary.

    Do you think Rockstar will eventually release the U.S. exclusive L.A. Noire case "The Consul's Car" here? Just finished replaying the game and anxious for more. :D

    Arkham City collector's edition? Must buy or meh beh?

      Your call! I'm not a huge Batman fan, despite liking the game, and I've got enough crap in my house already!

    Do you think the next xbox will run windows 8? (A cut down version with no access to the windows 7 desktop)

      lemme try that again, I pressed the submit comment on accident.
      Do you think the next xbox will run windows 8? If so, do you think they'll effectively merge xbox and pc gaming by making xbox "720" games playable on windows 8 PCs as well as xbox "720"?

      Nice idea, but I doubt it. It'll prob feature a really swish multimedia OS controlled with an updated version of Kinect. That would be my guess.

    Have you got past level 54 of collision effect puzzle? If so, can you make me a video so that all my friends can laugh at me this time. If not, what level are you up to?

      I just got started with the puzzle section last night on the train. I'm at about level 30 so far!

      I'll keep you posted man!

    In preparation for my hard-earned trip to the Big Apple in a few months, I'm trying to scope out what are the best stores for picking up bargain games and/or BluRays. Do you (or any other readers who've been) have any recommendations? Preferably in Manhattan since I'm not sure how far beyond that we'll get in the time available.

      I was in Manhattan a few weeks ago, and I had a lot of trouble finding a store in Manhattan that would sell any game that I was interested in at something less than RRP. You might fare better, since I didn't have all that long in the city, and did no research beforehand (assuming that it would be easy to find things).

      I ended up buying my games at Toys'R'Us, just because the Times Square store was near my hotel. And I paid RRP. To be honest, RRP felt like a discount, because games are fifty to sixty dollars, and DS games were only about forty.

      You have a few options with stores. GameStop is essentially EB. There are Best Buys around. But, as I said, I couldn't find anything, that I was interested in, at a discount.

      There was also a used game store on seventh street that had some interesting carts (plenty of Japanese imports) lying around. I promptly left that store, because I was saturated from rain, and was super worried that if I touched anything it would sustain severe water damage.

      And you might want to be cautious about Blu-Rays. There is region locking on some discs. I tend to check for region information prior to ordering blu-rays from the US.

      Haha I just asked the most stupid question in the entire history of the universe. My wife mentioned that last night she was looking at the Tiffany website. To which I actually responded "Did you see anything you like?".

        I'm sorry, but now that you've mentioned it, you have to go have breakfast at Tifanny's. Claim you're there for the sake of the book, if you have to, but you must do it(the book was much better than the film, the film had a few good songs, but overall, wasn't brilliant(though Audrey Hepburn wasn't too bad...)).

          I don't know if they even allow eating in the store :P I'd expect not.

            No but... you... no... but... *sigh*

            You go window shopping, while eating your breakfast...

            Though I get the impression that you may have already known that...

              Sorry :P

              I thought you might have already known that when your wife wins a free trip for 2 to NYC that she WILL be spending the savings INSIDE the Tiffany store. Standing around on the footpath outside eating a McMuffin isn't going to cut it.

              Which is a shame, because I'd be more than happy to foot the bill for the McMuffin :P

    With the recent delays and cancellations of games on the 3DS, do you think it's te beginning of a worrying trend? Or is it just early days for us to be worrying?

    Also why will you not accept bacon as the tasty meat overlord?

    I really think Nintendo should 1UP Sony with a new version of the 3DS. Throw in a 2nd Slide pad under the four main buttons, make the 3D screen as big as the DSiXL screen & job done! Oh and knock a few bucks off the price too.
    Sorry to jump in but I couldnt resist;)

      Struggling to find an actual question in there... :P

    I need names for the offspring that is gestating in my girlfriend.

      Congratulations! Boy or girl?

        Don't know and will probably keep it that way :P
        I'm totally convincing my girlfriend on a nerdy name.

      There are so many great usernames just in this thread alone that could provide suitable names for either boy or girl, your own handle included :)

      Seriously, though, congrats! And don't sweat it, sometimes you just don't know their name until you see them for the first time.

        I'll direct my gf here if people keep giving me options :P


      I don't have any actual suggestions, but please, for the love of all that is right, give your child a name with the traditional spelling. There's nothing wrong with a "boring" name, but going crazy and throwing in extra vowels or other such madness will lead to a lifetime of frustration.

        Nah Bru, yoo totes wunna call you're kid Zhelldhah. It's like a gaming name but with totes awesome spelling.


        I am not sure what type of voice that was supposed to be. In my mind it began as bogan, then shifted to "wog," and now I have no idea where it went...

        Oh I hear that.
        I don't know what it is with people having the have the name be totally different to everything else.

          I honestly don't get it.

          My brother and sister both have non-standard names and it does cause some hassle. I got lucky with boring old Adam. Then there are my cousins, who mainly have correctly spelled "exotic" names like Phoenix.

            I'm happy with something 3-5 letters long.
            I don't want them to have to spend half their life spelling their name out for people.

    What are your thoughts regarding the Sony/Microsoft website? Obviously this is a placeholder, but is this collaborative system:

    a) never going to happen, and good
    b) never going to happen, and I want to die
    c) might happen, but don't get hopes up
    d) likely


      I hope it happens.

      JUST so the Microsoft/Sony fanboys have to nom on a huge slice of humble pie.

      Om nom nom nom

        I hope so too, but because I already own one of each console, I won't be feasting on anything.

        Except I will have more money for food, so... FEAST.

        (Also, combined GAMERSCORE would be epic) :P

    With the leak of the Old Republic collector's edition, I'm super psyched for that game. Have you played MMOs before, and do you intend to give TOR a go?

    Also, I'm thinking of starting a Kotaku AU Republic guild - show of hands who's interested? Also, name suggestions. I'll probably make it this afternoon sometime and post the details here or in TAY.

      Guild names:
      It's A Trap
      Porkins Report In

        Red Leader Standing By.
        And every member has to put Red in front of their name so they can all do role call.

      Totally playing Empire though.
      Mmm tasty Sith

      Steered clear of MMO's in the past, but this one does seem to be forcing me down an all to familiar path.

      If I submit and sign up, all the way with KotakuAU guild. Jedi or Sith?

        Well, I'm going for Republic (i.e. Jedi et al), but I'm sure someone would make an Empire equivalent.

          Join the dark side!
          We have cookies

    So on a scale of 1 to 18 (with 18 being the highest), what do you think the chances are of us having an R rating agreed upon by the end of the week?

    Also I just realised that R is for 18+ people and is also the 18th letter in the alphabet. Does this blow your mind?

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