Aussie Nintendo Store: Deviously Xevious.

It's time to add another 3D Classic to the range this week, in fact all of these week's releases are all older titles. It's a retro filled week as it were. Sadly there's no WiiWare, Virtual Console on Wii or even DSiWare this week for Australians. Remember though you can switch your 3DS at least to the European store to pick up either Afterzoom, Jagged Alliance or 99Bullets.

Oh and if you're an Attorney General, there's no games for you - don't bother reading on.

3DS Virtual Console Game & Watch Gallery (Game Boy, $4.50) - These classic compilations were a favourite of mine back 'in the day' and you should get a kick out of them even today. That is of course unless you've played them a billion times over. Manhole, Fire, Octopus, and Oil Panic are included in this one.

3DS eShop 3D Classics: Xevious (Nintendo, $9.00) - The second game to get the '3D Classic' treatment is available now for your purchasing pleasure. It's a perfect port of Xevious and it's got a great 3D effect. Whether or not that's worth $9.00 to you is another thing though.

Videos - New episode of the Magic Trick Show - New episode of Oscar's Oasis

Both videos are available for free on the Nintendo Video Channel. That's available from the eShop.


    So since the introduction of the 3DS, WiiWare and VC have been pushed aside.... Someone please remind me which console is owned by more people?..... although I could go some Octopus! It's the first G&W I ever clocked back in '81... I think.... things is a bit blurry now :)

    $9 for Xevious? What the fuck Nintendo... seriously!

    Ah crap! I literally just spent all my Nintendo Club points on the Game and Watch collection this week! I've been saving for ages for it.

    Oh well, at least Oil Panic is the only double-up. And Octopus is only in Game and Watch Collection 2.

    You win this time Nintendo...

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