Aussie Nintendo Store: Grizzly Adams Had A Beard

Good news, everyone! Today's the day for the first original game to be released on the eShop especially for the 3DS. We'd call it "3DSWare" but Nintendo's keen on not naming these things. But never the less, it's here. Then there's a Virtual Console game for the 3DS too, and that's about it… yeah I'm not kidding.

3DS eShop Let's Golf 3D (Gameloft, $9.00) - Yep, if you think it looks like Everyone's Golf from the Sony platforms you'd be right. This is a typical Gameloft aping of the series, but it's not too bad if the DSiWare version is anything to go by.

3DS Virtual Console Baseball (Nintendo, Game Boy, $4.50) - This game has aged terribly, there's no simpler or nice way to say it. I enjoyed it as a youngster though and got some happiness from it, but unless you're wearing the glasses of nostalgia like me you're going to hate it.

That's about it for this week folks, unless you want to change to the UK store on your 3DS or your Wii and snag some German language training games and a couple of other DSiWare titles.

Don't forget Wii owners, if you haven't got the Kirby TV Channel yet, be sure to get it so you can at least have something to do on your Wii on a weekly basis.


    My god, the eshop still sucks ass.

    Here's hoping the free GBA and NES games I'll probably eventually never get in our region spruce things up a bit.

    Grizzly Adams 'did' have a beard

    /sigh Nintendo I am so disappoint.

    I downloaded (all 175meg of it) Let's Golf 3D and it's pretty good actually, it's more expensive then the App Store version though but I think it's got the same content and everything and doesn't look too bad.

    exactly. Nintendo has such a great backcatalog on the handhelds and they seem insistent to deliver us with crap.

    Sure they might have issues with the 3rd party titles but there were loads of great games from them themselves over 2 decades.

    instead we get golf

    Did anyone else read the first three words in Professor Farnsworth voice? (Futurama for the slow ones)

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