Aussie Nintendo Store: This Week's Update Both Sucks And Blows

A small one this week, but who cares? There's some Kirby and well, anything with Kirby in it can't be too bad right?

3DS Virtual Console Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy - $6.00) - Back in my day Kirby wasn't the pink puff, no no Nintendo didn't think pink would fly so they made him white. Well he was kind of white in the game anyway. Kirby's first adventure isn't his biggest but it is charming - and it doesn't suck at all.

DSiWare A Fairy Tale (Lemon Team - 200 Points) - Oh ho ho another puzzler here for DSiWare, who didn't see that one coming? Never mind that though, like a fair few puzzlers on the service it's quite good and cheap to boot.

Also last week's update of Delbo to DSiWare finally hits the eShop. Don't forget Excitebite!

We hear the 3D trailers from E3 might be hitting soon too, but this is Nintendo we're talking about.


    I actually had that Kirby game on the original GameBoy. Not sure why or how he went pink, haven't played a Kirby game since then.

      Likewise. Was one of my favourite Gameboy games, it even had a NG+ I believe.

      You never played Kirby's Dreamland 2? You missed out man. That game was awesome.

        I loved that game! But yes, Kirby's Dreamland 2 was far more awesome (awesomer?)

        I tried to beat Kirby Dreamland 2 a couple days ago, I remember never beating it when I was younger.

        The last boss is impossible, I only ever get to his second form when I try to beat the game again :(

    Out of the 4 Gameboy games I own, Nintendo have managed to put up 3 of them already. (Double Dragon, Mario Land and now Kirby)

    If Donkey Kong Land 2 appears next week I'll have to see if Nintendo are hiding in my house somewhere.

    I hope they add Wario Land soon... i loved that game.

    I personally want to see some GBA games on the store. Fire Emblem and Advance Wars anyone? Also Zelda. Man, the GBA was awesome.

    SNES or no deal.

    Wake me up when there's some Cave Story. Until then my 3DS will stay offline and Nintendo can suck it and do without my money.

    My first and last Kirby game as well :)

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