Aussie Nintendo Store - You better be Qix

It's a small update this week, and it's also your last day to pick up your free copy of 3D Classics Excitebike. This update is made worse bu the fact that one WiiWare game isn't hitting Australia, and one of the 3DS Virtual Console games isn't available here either. Yes, the 3DS Virtual Console has its first casualty because of our rubbish classification fees.

3DS Virtual Console Qix (Nintendo, $4.50) - The title might not be familiar (but it should) but you've probably played some variant of Qix before. This one is a decent version of it and quite fun. Might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere they.

Fortified Zone (Jaleco, $4.50) - A classic run-and-gunner from Jaleco that's sadly not available on the Australian store. You'll need to switch to the European store to get it. Don't worry, you won't leave your points behind, they'll be there when you switch back.

DSiWare Dragon's Lair (Digital Leisure, 800pts/$12.00) - Dirk the Daring's second full motion video adventure title is here, jammed into the small download constraints of the DSiWare service. It's a technical marvel to be sure, much like the game was back in the day. Now it's just a bit bland.

In other 3D Classics news, it's been revealed that Urban Champion will be the next title to get the 3D treatment. I know you're all as excited as me to get your hands on that one.


    God, Why does the 3DS eshop suck so much? Quix? Really? Alleyway?

    Jeez, When will they update it with games *worth* spending 6 bucks on? Is it too much to ask for Oracle of Ages, Pokemon, SNES games... is it? Is that too much to ask, or will we be stuck with sub-par gameboy games for god-knows how long?

    It's only week three guys, there's always going to be crap.

    Don't count on SNES games any time soon though.

    Even at week 3 though, you'd think they'd have had some heavy hitters by now. Zelda is fine, but there's only one GBC game, it's pathetic.

    I'm really disappointed with the eShop. They said Zelda would be 3D (it isn't) and there aren't even any 3DSWare games like Megaman or anything.

    YES! I flippin' love me some god-damn Qix!

    Yeah but it's had SUCH A SLOW RELEASE. They should have come out blazing. Get people interested and keeping the power button on.

    I'm fine with Super Mario Land and Donkey Kong that I got from the eShop, so I'm not complaining.

    Meh, nothing for me :(

    Have had to order some older DS games as I just don't have anything to play yet :(

    I'm still feeling buyers remorse from buying the 3DS. I was excited about the eshop but every week dissapoints.

    ok nintendo, we need a large injection of GBA gaming now. You had your fun with titles no one cares about now so Time to put out some good games like Minish Cap and Metroid and Golden Sun now please.

    I wonder if they are waiting for the eShop pre-paid cards to hit before they start releasing better games.

    At the moment, with the possibility of the Vita having the Android app store available at launch with the 4,000 or so games on there and the possibility of games like Minecraft Mobile and Terriana etc being out as well, my 3DS may be looking at a trade in :(

    Ahh, all is relaxing and slow without competition isn't it! I wonder if we would be receiving the same crap week in and out if the Vita was also available to buy?

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