Australian Law Reform Commission Has Only Received 80 Submissions

The closing date Submissions to the Issues Paper for the Australian Law Reform Commission is July 15 yet, despite being open since the middle of May, there are currently only 80 completed submissions. Time is running out for us to have our say on important issues surrounding classification in this country.

It's understandable to an extent - it seems like every other week there's a new survey to fill out, or a new submissions process, but considering that 80% of the submissions made so far are lobbying for an increased amount of censorship and government intervention, it's important for us to help provide a more balanced view.

Let's get motivated! These are important issues, and paramount to the way classification will be rebuilt post the Australian Law Reform Commission's report early next year.

Submissions can be made here.

Thanks folks.


    those questions infuriated me they asked the same thing over and over heres my answers to them

    Ohh what???
    I submitted mine as soon as I found out.

    Guess everyone is still stitting on their couch.

    Yes, validation error.. over and over and over again.

    I wonder if this is why there are so few submissions.

    i tried to submit mine but it says that i already have submited before i dont remember ever doing this

      Me too, I did a small one, certainly not this one it was not as long.

    I gave up after the public discussion paper debacle; where the discussion paper was thrown out due to "skewed data". Meaning gamers had "too much" of a say

      Exactly the same for me.

      We can't have too many people doing them, otherwise they won't use the submissions!! lol

    God Damn form seemed to reset while I was typing it. Must have his some sort of refresh key while typing.
    Oh well, start again

    **validation error**
    ..There goes an hour of thought out, well reasoned responses.. :(

    I cant believe my eyes with some of these submissions...

    A. Pitt writes:

    "No R18+ classification should be available for computer games, Such games tend to lead to rape & child molestation."

    No reference or further information given on this statement.

    I sincerely hope the g'vt does not take this one at face value.

    I'm getting a shitload of errors, spent an hour writing a detailed submission, and it won't submit. this is why they have so few reaponce...
    For one it said I have submitted before when I never had, then it gets a validation error, website and the whole system is bullshit

    I'll have a look at it tomorrow - but seriously isn't any else fatigued by this long winded process, this is how these people chip away at freedom, one review at a time.

    Don't click back to page one from two or it counts as submitted.

    An hour and a half later, I'm done. Yes, it can be a pain in the butt having to do this over and over again, but the real enemy isn't the ACL or other groups spreading disinformation.

    It's apathy. When you stop caring about something, that's when you let someone else decide it for you, and I for one am throughly over being told what we can and can't watch by the people who claim to represent our beliefs.

    I'm tired of it. I'm getting to the point where I'm struggling to be civil on the matter. Yeah, I'm mad about it, mad because it feels like no matter how many times we do this, nothing changes.

    That's what we're really mad about, that despite overwhelming evidence, despite public opinion and countless surveys, nothing changes. You've got to take that anger though, don't let their apathy beat you. Keep pushing, and beat their apathy with your frustration and desire for change.


    To everyone saying why should I bother writing into this one when the other one didn't make a difference, there's a big difference between this one and that previous one: the previous one was run by a Senate Committee, ie a bunch of politicians. This one is run by the Australian Law Reform Commission, and has a much better history of properly considering the issues, legal implications, how other countries are dealing with the question, and is just generally more thought out and objective. Write in to this one, write ANYTHING even if just to show that we're not a minority. You keep complaining that the Christian moral majority keeps getting heard, well, it's because they're organized and make a point of writing into stuff like this. Giving up and saying what's the point isn't the way to go, gamers.

    they can just use my entries to the last 10 years of polls and submissions. I can't be arsed filling in yet another one for then to ignore in favour of what their lobbyists tell them to do

    Didn't even know about it, done now :)

    Read the wording of the questions carefully as this also pertains to the Internet Filter that Senator Conroy would have us believe will block child porn.

    This filter will also restrict access to information about euthanasia, and other subjects deemed "Politically Incorrect". Oh and games.

    It saddens me to see all this hopelessness I'm seeing from the Australian community. You really have that little faith in your government to see things from the people's side? So little faith that you aren't willing to sign on? See to me, that's a sign of terrible government, but then again, I'm American and, while I know some attempts are futile to change legislation, I feel that at least putting my voice out has some small effect. If you feel you can't make a difference, try, if it turns out you actually cannot make a difference, then there really is a problem with your government and you NEED to change it.

    ~End revolutionary rant


    Submitted mine answered every question as best I could not many people seem to have answered them all ^^;

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