Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Is Gotham City’s Greatest Treasure

Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Is Gotham City’s Greatest Treasure

Every great villain has a collection filled with their greatest feats of evil. Stolen art, vast amounts of wealth, maybe even a frozen Han Solo, but the most elusive piece is of course, the Batman.

Now your personal collection can be complete with the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition. Included in the collector’s edition is a custom Batman statue, collectible art book, early DLC access, the Batman: Arkham City soundtrack, the DC Universe animated original movie Batman: Gotham Knight and four collectible cards.

For $US99, you’ll be the envy of every evil doer in Gotham City.


  • I really dislike how ‘Early DLC access’ is being included as standard in collector’s editions.

    ‘Order the collector’s edition, and you’ll get the whole game instead of the chunks we give those regular edition chumps’

    • if they are doing the same as they did in AA, then DLC will be free regardless, maybe a month after release? I mean all it really is for is the hardcore fans who want to get a head start on the leaderboards

  • Dammit! And I wasn’t going to ‘waste’ any more money on collector’s and special editions…..

    • it happens though – I know at least one game; Jason and the Argonauts; where the collector’s edition content had an empty space in the box so you could put in whichever version you wanted (PC or console) – so the collector’s edition was limited by the CE extra content and not split by platform (which might be good for more games to do considered how under-served some titles are with specific CE allocations by pre-order numbers)

      Also since I’m a sucker for cheap artbooks I picked up the CE content without the game in a JB clearance for $5!

  • WANT – got the first CE for Arkham Asylum which was a bit meh but this looks sweet. Come on Ozgameshop, let me preorder!!!

  • The Dark Knight Returns skin? SOLD!

    Actually, a The Dark Knight Rises skin would be awesome as well. Scramble around Arkham City trashing lights.

  • I just noticed the “tracks from hit artists” bit regarding the soundtrack… this does not bode well

  • Now lets hope its better then the POS that was the last Collectors Edition. With the Leather bound diary that we never got, or the wooden batarang with a ‘worn’ look lol

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