Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Roughly On Par With Black Ops

Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Roughly On Par With Black Ops

Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Roughly On Par With Black OpsWell, most analysts expect Modern Warfare 3 to outperform its predecessor Black Ops – both in terms of pre-orders and sales – but analysts Cowen & Company are claiming that Battlefield 3’s pre-orders are doing incredible numbers, roughly on par with Black Ops last year.

It says a lot about a franchise that is really taking the fight to the Call of Duty franchise, and perhaps a lot about disillusionment with the Call of Duty brand – It also says plenty about Battlefield’s brand penetration among less ‘core’ gamers. People are seemingly well aware of Battlefield 3 and aware of the hype surrounding it.

BF3 pre-orders on a par with Black Ops [Eurogamer]


    • Except now with footage released and most details confirmed it’s not really Battlefield 3 so much as it is Bad Company 3.

        • How so?

          There are more BC features than BF features. So far all they’ve really added from the real BF games are prone and jets. The rest of the features (or lack thereof) are from the BC games.

          • It also has squads, squad leaders, leader perks, individual perks – its very battlefield 2142 in its team work approach ^_^

            Also aren’t you sick of getting another CoD every year???

            PS- frostbyte 2.0 looks sweet!

          • I’ve yet to play a single BC2 game where squads actually work as a group so I doubt keeping squads in the game will change much.

            Either way they’ve stuck with no LAN support, no Commander, BC style spotting, a seemingly half-arse attempt to fix the kits by making them closer to 2142’s (what was wrong with the BF2 setup, I’ll never know), that silly dog tag collecting idea etc

            I hope I’m wrong and that BF3 proves to be a proper Battlefield game because BF2 gameplay with Frostbyte 2.0 would be spectacular and would get my money over any other game but I’m not holding my breath.

            And as for CoD…well CoD is CoD. I think that’s the beauty of it. You know what you’re getting and you know straight up whether or not you’ll enjoy it.

          • Even the worst BC2 teams I’ve had, have been head and shoulders above the CoD crowd, but mostly due to the structure of the game.

            There’s no way you can just camp and rack up your kill:death ratio like a selfish shit and expect to win.

          • I think we should fully reserve judgement on if it is really BC3, until we see conquest mode gameplay. Rush was designed for the badcompany series so it’s kinda natural it looks like that.

          • To be fair they’ve only showed one map which looks quite confined. I think when they reveal the much bigger maps we’ll begin to see the more traditional battlefield gameplay.

      • I think I agree… but I’m still bloody excited. I’ll wait to see more footage until I decide whether it’s a Bad Company game or a Battlefield game.

      • Except for the fact the only unique feature BF3 retains from BC2 is regenerating health and spotting.

  • Previously was awaiting til the full CE details were available before pre-ordering this and where to pre-order, this along with Batman CE & Dead Island CE are on my list of things to do this week.

  • Fingers crossed battlefield doesn’t attract 10-12 year olds with headsets that seem to plague call of duty multiplayer. I know mute is always the best option. However squads in battlefield are great simply for the fact you can just play with your mates and not have to hear screeching pubescent teens

    • I don’t get why people seem to believe that the screaming 12 year olds only play COD. Sure, there is more of them most likely playing COD but from what i remember playing other BF titles (1942,2,2142 etc…) is that you still get screaming 12 year olds, most times in the form of 30-40 year olds acting like it.

      • The screaming kids are everywhere. They are however a little more likely to play whatever is currently the most popular online game, and the fact that it is more popular means there are more people and you will have a greater chance of running into them.

        They were there for Halo, they’ve been there for COD and if Battlefield becomes the bigger game they will be there as well. It’s something we just have to learn to live with.

        • You have to stay a step ahead of the screaming kids! The old-as-time battle between predator and prey.

  • cue “But my first person shooter franchise is WAYYYYY better then your first person shooter franchise!”

    • Big agree, every other game works fine online for me, except EA titles. There’s no point in buying it if I can’t play online due to crappy servers. I’m sure there’s plenty in the same boat.

  • Usually a CE meant nice physical items. Not a few in game items & a steel case for the game disk, like what EB are passing off as a “limited edition pack” for 88 dollars on PC.

    But Dead Island CE from EB is pretty awesome for 108 bucks on PC, if I had the cash i’d go pre order that right now.

    • Not pre-ordered on COD… I will still play COD though, as I do wish to play the conclusion (even though I could read the Kotaku article)

      Undecided if I was buy it, probably will, but not until it’s at $50 or something, maybe even pre-owned.

  • can’t wait for BF3!! so much has changed from the last game, there is like..umm…YOU CAN GO PRONE NOW!!! awesome!!

    get over your copy and paste sequels, aren’t you sick of the overrated BF series yet? there has been more than 20 of them already. let the series die.

    • YEAH BF is so overrated COD isn’t copy and paste at all YEAH!!

      Oh wait.. are you being serious?

      Honestly what huge changes do you want in any warfare game? War doesn’t change that much really..

      Battlefield = evolving graphically and getting more popular each new game.

      COD = Copy paste copy paste copy copy paste

    • seriously you Cant count expansions as full games

      it would be the equivalent of count every cod map pack as a game

    • cod MW3 = cod 8
      copy paste since cod 4
      first 2 and the 4th were awesome amazing games. still copy paste is copy paste

    • Since when has Battlefield ever been overrated? BF3 has been the first Battlefield game to get much media attention, and they usually get reviews in the 8 – 9 range.

  • It’s pretty clear and simple to understand that EA are gonna turn Battlefield into CoD. BC was a commercial improvement and BC2 was more so than BC.

    Now that they’re “aiming to take down CoD” and using Battlefield as its flagship title for that aim, if they really are getting Black Ops pre-order numbers then EA know they’re onto something. Then they do it again and again.

    I like my CoD and I’m looking forward to trying out B3 even though I’m not much, if at all, a Battlefield player. But all this BF3>CoD:)xox crap is laughable. Cause one day you’ll see a BF fan slandering the series when they hear the announcement of yet another BF title year after year and I think that will be much sooner rather than later!

    • ……No. aside from bc 1 and 2, there’s been 3 battlefield games, and battlefield has been in the game world much longer than COD, where as COD is on game, lets say 8 within so few years. i do you know how long its been since a bf2 sequal? definately longer than 1 year. no ones going to see a bf4 anytime soon.

      • “EA are gonna turn Battlefield into CoD.”

        There’s a difference in saying that and saying Battlefield is the new CoD.
        It will become the new CoD in shelving out game after game. And whilst DICE/EA may not spit out BF4 anytime soon, they’ll spit out a Battlefield game regardless whether it be BC3 or something new, it will still be a new Battlefield game.

        DICE are EA, so don’t think they’re gonna stop and think about your feelings when making the next game. They’re gonna take advantage of your wallets not your feelings. And well, who cares? As long as they’re fun and enjoyable no one gets hurt!

    • Omfg, I see what you mean, I never thought about that, holy shit! I hope this doesn’t become true!

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