Because We Can Never Have Too Many Massively Multiplayer Space Combat Games

Spacefaring shooter fans looking for a massively multiplayer game with a stronger emphasis on action than economy should be overjoyed to learn that Reakktor Media's Black Prophecy has been cleared for launch in North America.

Developed in Germany and released in Europe earlier this year, Black Prophecy takes place in the 26th century where bio-genetically enhanced humans and cybernetically enhanced humans battle for dominance across the galaxy. Into the midst of this conflict comes an ancient alien race known as Restorers, which doesn't take kindly to other living beings. Players must choose a faction and set out into the void in order to solve the mystery of the Restorers and kills as many of the opposing faction as possible.

Sounds like fun to me.

Players can participate in player-versus-player combat, take on player-versus-environment missions alone or in groups, and basically wander around the galaxy in a kick-ass spaceship, which is all I really wanted to do in the first place (R.I.P., Earth and Beyond).

Black Prophecy is completely free-to-play, with items available for purchase in case you wish to spend money. That means the only thing standing between you and some massively multiplayer space combat is signing up for an account and downloading the game.


    There's also a third faciton of purists that don't believe in genetic and technological enhancements.

    Ooh, this looks nice. Almost Freelancer-esque.

    Apparently you can't register in Australia... Or is that just me?

      It was like that for the EU release as well :(

        So is there any way to play it?
        The article got me all excited for nothing. :\

    I couldn't find a way to sign up either but i did find this torrent for a client:

    looks to be the euro version but if anyone wants to check it out let me know if it works.

    I was super exited when i read this article, i went straight to the website downloaded about 6 gigs worth of the game, installed it, went to the registration site, found out Australians aren't allowed to register, found my beta invitation in my mail box from a couple of months back (i wished i found it back then), didn't work, used a proxy to register on the registration site, got no email reply, twiddling my thumbs

    Post and let me know if anybody finds a work-around


    also the game menu screen works well, music and 3D is awesome, just can't log in

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