Before She Was A Street Fighter Champ, She Was A Little Boy

Before She Was A Street Fighter Champ, She Was A Little Boy

Besides being a model and a TV personality, Kayo Satoh is one of Japan’s top Street Fighter players, more than holding her own against the likes of legendary player Daigo Umehara.

According to Satoh, she hasn’t had any plastic surgery to her face, but she does take hormones.

Last year, Satoh revealed that she was born a male – something she had previously hid. This past spring, she released a 「佐藤かよ」がまだ男だった頃の写真 [あごひげ海賊団]

Top photo: さんま&くりぃむの芸能界(秘)個人情報グランプリ | フジテレビ


  • It is great to see a trans role model out there in the gaming world! I’m trans myself, pass well with no facial surgery, just hormones.

    Go her!

      • Her. Being trans is just a mismatch between brain and body. She’s fixed it (Same as I have_. It’s no different to curing an illness or broken limb or whatnot.

        We have the skill, medicine, and courage to deal with this in the simplest way possible: Fix it and move on with life. It’s only the closed minded, (radically) religious, or otherwise clueless who think there is some magical specialness to physical gender (And that’s ignoring intersex issues where even that is ambiguous).

        And it is mostly men, honestly, who don’t understand why someone would want to be the ‘lesser’ gender, but she and I had no more choice in it than anyone else. Change, or go insane. We chose to change and live as we should have been born.

        Rant over, anyway. So, yes, ‘HER’.

        • And for anyone truly curious, I am happy to answer any questions. I have no secrets about the whole thing; unlike some, I am in no position to have my life ruined by being ‘discovered’ so I do tend to an advocacy/education role when I can. 😛

          • If you don’t mind me asking a month later, does the use of hormones actually create a natural effect where you’re indistinguishable from the “original” gender? (I guess I’d use this mad-skills-gamer model chick as an example, but to a native japanese person she might look less convincing… somehow)

            I think modern society still hasn’t gotten used to the idea of transsexuality due to the image that pops up of a drag star, crossdresser or someone with non-convincing enough plastic surgery.

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