Behold The Horror Of Sony's PS3...Doll

This is a doll. It's also the subject of a patent filing by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which thinks it might be a good idea if the doll and your PS3 chat with each other.

The patent was first filed in 2008, though has only recently been publicly released. It details a plush toy that's packing gear like a wireless receiver, means of reading storage medium and even a processor, along with both USB and ethernet ports.

Descriptions reveal the toy would act as a sort of "buddy" for kids, who could pop a disc into their PS3 and have the console communicate with it, telling it to "act surprised" or "throw up its arms" at certain points during gameplay or viewing.

Other more pie-in-the-sky features, listed as possibilities, include a receptacle for liquid so it can cry and the ability to use facial and voice recognition to identify who it's talking to.

Before you go putting one on your Christmas list (or reminding us all about Microsoft's ActiMate), remember, this is just a patent application. The corporate equivalent of thinking out loud.

Interactive PlayStation Doll Patented, Will Connect to PS3, PSP [PSLS]


    Isn't this kind of like that old robot add-on thing they had for the NES way back in the day? Although I can't remember if that actually DID anything or not...

    ...I think this sounds pretty cool. I'd buy one.

    I like the idea of it interacting at set points with what's happening in the movie. Would be an awesome toy for toddlers.


    This sounds cute.

    Therefore I want one.

    lol could be funny to have a doll cheering you on when you get a kill or something :P

    Naughty Bear DLC?

    Now you too can have an imaginary friend.

    Sony: Make*Believe

    Hey what is that doll doing with my credit card?

    "...have the console communicate with it, telling it to “act surprised” or “throw up its arms” at certain points during gameplay or viewing."

    I would buy it just for this feature.


    Funzo makes playtime fun.

    Its so if crap goes down again you still have someone to play with.

    That look a lot like the eyepet mon... whatever the hell it is.

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