Besides Exercises, This Game Has Breast Physics And A Sexy Voice

When Shape Boxing 2 originally went on sale, giant boob idol and former Sega arcade spokesgirl Megumi appeared in the game's commercials. At the time, I thought this was because she'd lost a lot of weight after having a child.

But as this gameplay footage reveals, I could be wrong. Just maybe.

As Japanese YouTube commenters point out, the in-game announcer's voice does sound rather sexy for an exercise game.


    as an australian, japanese fitness instructors working out with their backs to Uluru is a major problem for the natural flora and fauna

    Ashcraft should probably just do a monthly article called "Brian Ashcraft's Monthly Spank Bank Round-Up".

    A good sports bra would be better for her while she is undertaking such activity.

    That music is familiar...
    Kibun JoJo?

    Oh u crazy Japanese =) ...that's one excersize game i could get behind.

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