Bikini Figures Plus

Bikini Figures Plus

In Japan, it’s summer. Time to put on a swimsuit and head to the beach. Easier said than done when you’re a virtual schoolgirl.

The girls of Love Plus, Konami’s hit love simulator, are getting a new set of PVC figures. Manaka, Rinko, and Nene bathing suit figures are priced at ¥6510 ($78). They’ll go on sale starting this November.

November isn’t this summer, but whaddayagonnado. You’re gonna take them to eat curry is whatyergonnado.

BQじゃない1/8サイズ ウェーブ「ラブプラス 寧々/愛花/凛子 【水着Ver.】」3種のサンプル展示 []

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