Bioware 'Cannot Commit To Any Timeframe' For Star Wars: The Old Republic's Australian Release'

Earlier this afternoon it was revealed that Star Wars: The Old Republic would not be available in Australia at launch. Now we have an statement from Bioware stating that they "cannot commit to any timeframe" for the game's release outside of the US and Europe.

The statement reads as follows:

To all of our fans outside of North America and Europe:

Today we’ve announced the pre-order details for the initial launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and as you may now know, we’ve taken the difficult but necessary decision to limit our initial launch supply for the game. BioWare and LucasArts are completely focused on building an exceptional game and an exceptional game service to go with it. We decided to constrain our launch capacity to ensure we deliver a great experience to every player.

Part of the reason this decision was made was because of the overwhelming demand for The Old Republic, and we’re humbled by that level of excitement and anticipation. We fully intend to deliver to you an amazing game when we expand our service post-launch, but right now we cannot commit to any timeframe for when that may happen. As soon as we have more information about additional launches in more territories, we’ll let you know.

We are committed to delivering Star Wars: The Old Republic to BioWare and Star Wars fans around the world, and to growing a truly global community.

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    So disapointed! I had such faith in Bioware too, they were one of my favorite devs.

    You used to be cool Bioware!

    I can sort of understand their position, it would be frustrating if too many people overloaded the servers in the initial rush.

    But c'mon. They've had years to plan for the launch, they've had years of warning that it's going to be popular, and they've had years to invest in the server architecture and to develop a service that will work well no matter how many people choose to use it.

    Restricting who can play the game makes them look either insensitive or incompetent.

      I could understand If we were a week out and they said this we are months out any possible issues can be rectified in that time

    How would they know what the demand is when it only just went on pre-sale?

    Load of bollocks.

      Probably from people signing up to test the game.

        Signing up for a free testers position and people committed to buying and playing the game are 2 completely different things. You can I can sign up too 150x with different 'profiles' to improve our chances at being testers.

        Facebook really doesn't have 70mil people on it either :)

          Of corse they don't, more like 750 million users.

    I'll probably just end up ordering the game from zavvi anyway, they're selling it for about $50 aud, which is nearly $40 cheaper than what EB are going to sell it for. It sucks that we won't have aussie servers at launch though.

      You're assuming ti'll have Aussie-based servers at all. WoW has 'Aussie' servers, which are just US servers with Aus timezones ingame. I wouldn't expect much different.

        It doesn't? Oh good, so it doesn't really matter if I import it.

          "It doesn't?" Should probably not be there, also I probably shouldn't be posting this early in the morning...

    Well thats a bit piss weak in the fair dinkum department.

      I think that's the best way of putting it anyone has come up with so far.

      that statement was heroic

    Seriously. F*** EA. This is a goddamn pre-order. They won't even take our money for a pre-order, how are they going to treat us when the game actually launches, and you know has to be supported and all that. F*** EA.

      Its Bioware, not EA who have posted this and confirmed that is what they are doing.

    So apparently the problem is we want the game too much!

    I could almost live with it if there was a commitment to a special "We're sorry" package. Clearly, though, they're going with a "you'll take whatever scraps we decide to give you - if we feel like doing so at all - and you should be grateful for us considering you that much" approach.

    Boo on you, Bioware. You can bit my flabby human arse from here on. Your "growing ... global community" just shrank by one.

    I think I might refuse to order it from overseas. As much as I want this game (desperately), Bioware/EA have just screwed themselves.

      Unless you've also got an overseas credit card, you'll probably struggle to actually create a game account anyway, since they'll want to know where to collect their montly pound of flesh.

    This is just so damn lame. I've been waiting for this for so long, as have many others, and now we got to wait longer than the rest of the world!?

    I probably won't get this now unless they have actual australian servers. I was going to make this my last mmo ever, but now I might just end with wow and end it there.

    I am disappoint

    Wow, now I'm really glad I preordered from Amazon. I have to say though this is one of the largest f***ups I've seen from a game company in a long time.

    Also read: this game isn't coming to Australia, although, if we did release it, we'd have to censor it into become Care Bears Online.

    This is utterly ridiculous. Are they saying they wont have enough digital versions available to download? I mean come on, seriously? Poor excuse really.

      It's not about the physical copies, it's about the load on the servers. No point launching a game if no-one can play it because the servers simply cannot cope with the stress at launch.

      Probably why they're also offering early access codes, so they can ease people onto the servers instead of unleashing the flood gates.

        After dumping $100 million into the devolepment of the game I would be blown away if they had not set up enough servers to handle the expected amount of players. Even if a lot of those servers are temporary and to be rolled in at a later date. Besides that its not very good business sense.

        Load on servers? Are you nuts? There are 300 million people in the US alone, there are only 20 million in Australia. Adding Australia to the launch would have NO NOTICIBLE EFFECT ON SERVER PERFORMANCE.

        The only rational reasons for not including Australia in the launch all revolve around money and publishing/distribution rights.

    Department.PR.ScrewUp = True;

      if(Department.PR.ScrewUp == true)
      System.out.println("Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu") ;
      ragequit(0) ;

        I <3 U

    One reason i was looking forward to this game was that it would be the first MMO i would have played from launch. I thought it would be interesting to be there from the start.

    Bioware. I am disappoint.

    I agree with alot of you guys, I remember looking at many years ago with excitement, then signing up on day 1 for a account + beta test (of course australians were never chosen for this).

    I'm also not going to really bother with this game/ getting american friends to order for me, I think it's just a poor decision.

    Aussies can still pre-order the game from amazon.

      You're missing the important part where they likely wouldn't accept an Australian credit card.

    So Bioware has just give us the bird and are going to tease us with the game.

    Complete and utter bullshit. I was going to be a day 1 purchaser for this, but now I think I'll skip it - they don't want my business.

    Bioware think of what you are doing... Blizzard is once again laughing at you! You are letting Wow win!!! Even Wow had Global Launch.. Hello MATCH IT!!!

    This is not the game you are looking for.

      I laughed, nicely done sir.

      +1 Lolz!

    Australia & NZ always comes last. It's not like we have a big population to slow down the servers and we speak english so no localisation is needed.

    who gives a sh*t if we can still preorder on amazon. We would have to play on laggy as F*** US servers australia isnt exactly the hardest market to accommidate for either.

      In almost every mmo, we play on the US servers. For them to actually host Aussie servers may be asking a bit much. Usually they are just official Oceanic servers that are still hosted in the US. Cant see anything different happening with this.

      Because it's not cheap?

      There aren't enough English speaking players in the Oceanic region to justify the cost of local servers.

      Even look at WoW (which I doubt old republic will match in numbers), there are maybe 2-3 'healthy' Oceanic game servers (each maybe 5-10,000 population) and a large chunk of them are SEA players anyway.

      You can't limit based on server location or you're cutting out huge numbers of players from the pool.

        I agree with you, but small fallacy; WoW's Oceanic servers do not make up the entire Oceanic playerbase, in fact I doubt it's even a quarter. Most Australians play on the American servers because, well, there are no AU servers, really. You'd NEED the low ping to make up for the things an AU-only server would lose out on, like higher levels of competition since let's face it what few Australians play games generally suck arse at them.

    Strange that they've pretty much admitted that thier network infrastructure is going to be good enough for the 200mil+ people in the US and theo ther 200mil+ in the Eurozone, but the 20mil+ from Australia in NZ is just too much. Lame to the max.

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