Build Your Own Private Plane In Your PC Room

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the most successful mass produced light aircraft in history, yet it exists in a price range far beyond the reach of mortals. Its controls, however, can be yours for $US450, courtesy of Mad Catz.

Mad Catz is now shipping a trio of officially licensed Cessna products to PC; the Cessna Yoke, Cessna Rudder Pedals and the Cessna Trim Wheel. Each piece is a lovingly crafted facsimile based on the controls of a real 172, right down to the vice grips used to connect them to your PC desk. Did you know real Cessna's came with PC desks? They don't; I'm lying. Still they're as close as a PC desk-clamping product can get to the real thing without having your entire office flung into a tree, exploding on impact.

"The Cessna range of Saitek Pro Flight products supports our initiative to reach new customers and enhances our position in the flight simulation market." said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. "We believe that leveraging our Saitek Pro Flight products with a brand as recognisable as Cessna will open up a sizeable new audience of flight schools, pilots and flight enthusiasts and is consistent with our strategy to build specialty products that evoke a passionate consumer response."

The three controllers are now available at the GameShark Store for $US449.99, and Mad Catz is even throwing in a $US100 flight panel controller in for good measure. I don't even play flight sims and I want these, just so I can make realistic plane whooshing noises between news posts.


    It's fantastic to see these peripherals being developed.
    Now we just need some more choice in up to date sims!

    I really want the pedals and trim controllers for my HOTAS Cougar. Still a little pricey for my liking.

    I've been hoping for ages for a developer to make an air combat sim (that doesn't suck), complete with online features such as making squadrons (complete with adding logos to your aircraft), earning money with co-op missions, buying air craft carriers for your squad, and a whole virtual planet to roam in etc.
    I've actually worked out on paper how it could all work and be the perfect sim, but there's not much I can do about it.

    I'd like to see a sequel to Ultimate Air Combat (NES), but Activision's latest antics of applying to steal the modernwarfare3 domain from it's rightful owner tells us they don't deserve the success that an UAC sequel will bring.

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