Bungie Says 'Halo Is Now Yours' As It Prepares The Handoff To Microsoft

As it did a year before, on Bungie Day (July 7), the Halo creators made available to the public the Bungie armour and Nameplate in multiplayer, and prepared to wind down its stewardship of the Halo franchise it created with a sentimental note that hinted at future projects.

"As we prepare to become fans of the universe our studio began creating more than ten years ago," Bungie wrote, "it's nice to know that we'll be counted among such esteemed company. Some might consider the upcoming transition a bittersweet occasion punctuated by a sense of loss and sadness. We feel otherwise. Halo is in great hands … yours."

In addition to the armour unlock, Bungie Day saw the sale of memorabilia and Xbox Live Avatar items, with the proceeds going to charity. On Aug. 2 the studio will fully hand over all administration of Halo to its owner, Microsoft, releasing one last Halo ViDoc entitled "O Brave New Worlds." Then it will begin working on its next project.

"We'll be undergoing a metamorphosis of our own. Very soon Bungie.net will change, culminating with the launch of our next universe at some unknown time in the future," Bungie wrote in its latest weekly update.

Halo is yours now. In many ways, it always has been. Its new caretakers will strive, just as we did, to be worthy stewards but you have the package. Hold these characters and stories and worlds to the same unflinching standards you did while we were at the helm, but allow them all to blossom and change and grow in the ways that they must.

See You Starside [Bungie]


    Does...Does....Does....this mean Halo PC ports for all?

    I don't really play consoles so it'd be wonderful if Halo 3 and Reach came to PC. But of course Microsoft would use GFWL for these titles so I hope they give it a massive makeover before then

      Have you tried playing the other Halos on PC? Trust me... It's better you don't. Halo on PC feels weird, floaty, the sticky targeting feels weird etc.

      But I doubt this handover will lead to better things. Just more Halo spin-offs and a new trilogy that will no doubt be vilified by fans, like Star Wars before it.

      Don't forget that GFWL is being absorbed by the Borg collective Xbox.com.. i for one welcome our new overlords, and thank M$ for biting the PC hand that built it:

      Microsoft Merging Games for Windows Marketplace into Xbox.com July 11

    It's sad to see Bungie's baby change hands but I'm excited to see what they're going to do next.

    Got me a bit teary, to be honest. I love all Halo games and especially Bungie.

    Thanks for games Bungie! :D
    and all the best for the future!

    Easy to write this off as sappy, ultimately meaningless words, but when I think about it it's true. So much more has come out of the Halo community than Bungie itself -- not a bad thing about Bungie, just a brilliant thing about the community.

    It's Halo, not the god damned Holy Grail >_>

    It was inevitable all the stats tracking would have to leave Bungies servers.

    I don't know whether to be saddened by this or to be excited about what comes next with Bungie.

    Now to wait for Bungie's next project :D

    yes such a good idea *games company* give your *successful IP* over to a publisher.

    psshhh! Seriously, it's only Halo.

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