But What If You Don't Have Internet? Can You Get 20 Free Games?

I have internet. If you're reading this, you probably have internet. But not everyone in Japan has internet.

China and the European Union have the most internet users, followed by the United States, India and Japan (via Wii). So there are lots of internet users in Japan, but not everyone has Wi-Fi access, and many people access the internet through their phone.

Kotaku Japan asked Nintendo how current Japanese 3DS users who do not have internet can get their free 20 games for the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo told Kotaku Japan that it "currently has no plans" on what to do about the 20 free games for those who cannot access the internet.

Of course, there are Wi-Fi spots at McDonald's across Japan (and other locations), so worse case scenario, those in Japanese without internet might be forced to leave their houses for free games. Horrible, I know.

No word how Nintendo of America is handling internet-less 3DS owners.

任天堂に訊いてみた:「アンバサダー・プログラム」への参加方法は? ネットがない人は? [Kotaku Japan]

(Top photo: David McNew/Getty)


    More to the point. Some people don't have WiFi. Unless 3DS's accept ethernet cables these days?

      If you don't have Internet, get your priorities straight. The original price of 3rd is equal to several months o Internet access.... Come on kotaku.

        Plenty of people don't have the internet due to location. How nice of you to think of them.

        Some people have internet, but SLOW internet.
        Some people have internet, but not WiFi internet.
        Some people don't have internet, due to region.

        There are a lot of reasons why some people don't have internet access on 3DS. Knowing Nintendo, they probably won't care until they are being pushed.... Let's hope I'm wrong.

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