Bye Bye Games For Windows Marketplace, Hello

In what does not seem like a positive sign for Microsoft's Games For Windows efforts, the Games For Windows Marketplace is merging with, a move that the Xbox 360 maker says is for convenience and ease.


    You can't fool me with your magic trickery, its still the same beast!

    so, everyone is now trying to get there own Steam off the ground. lol

      Well GFW did launch 4 years after Steam but it's a bit late to call them on being a "me-too" move.

    so it looks like they have given up trying to con the PC players into a service that they may have eventually tried to charge us for

      They already tried that, they removed the subscription model because nobody would pay for it.

    Death to GFW Live!


    Its the same thing, with a different name. I think its a good idea to have everything in one place

    They're going to need to redesign to make it work though.

    It's not the greatest service going round.

    The thing I hate about GFW is the stupid logging in I need to do to play those games. It's like how EA have to have their own account system within a game. If it's on Steam, let Steam handle it. Don't have accounts within accounts within accounts....

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