Call Of Duty Elite Trailer Is Like A Simile Wrapped In A Metaphor

Call Of Duty Elite Trailer Is Like A Simile Wrapped In A Metaphor

Call of Duty Elite beta began a “staged launch” today and to kick it off, Activision unloaded this two minute trailer that spends one minute cracking jokes and another minute answering questions except for the biggie: How much is this damn thing going to cost?

For now, it’s free; for now, it’s in beta. You can learn about all the other stuff Activision wants you to do in Call of Duty Elite. Remember, you don’t actually get a pony.


  • how do they think thats a positive.

    Not to mention that they still didn’t outline a reasonable reason to pay for it.

    Special events,tourneys clan matches. Cod4 had all of them at no extra cost. you set up a server and away you go.

    As for real prizes. No doubt they’ll be a BS, competition only valid in america clause, much in the same way as most of the BO Developer servers were in america.

    how about instead of a stupid buzz video(that told us nothing that they hadn’t already mentioned) actually show us something

    • Isn’t it funny how they’ve taken away all this stuff over time and they’re acting all innovative-like by giving it back to us….FOR MONEY!

  • – More stats than you know what to do with: already have more than enough of the stats you’d need in CoD.

    – Heat maps: already have in BO.

    – Track friends & rivals, join groups of like-minded players: what are forums and XBL?

    – Create an join clans: bwah?

    – Study and edit load outs: like what you can do now?

    – Create custom leaderboards: well whoop-de-fuckn’-doo.

    – Access from mobile devices: I’ve always wanted to access my CoD stats when I’m out.

    – Weapon performance stats: already have.

    Money well spent.

  • I see this more as about control. :3
    What’s going to happen to existing services that already provide this? Are they at threat? o.O

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