Call Of Duty Elite Trailer Is Like A Simile Wrapped In A Metaphor

Call of Duty Elite beta began a "staged launch" today and to kick it off, Activision unloaded this two minute trailer that spends one minute cracking jokes and another minute answering questions except for the biggie: How much is this damn thing going to cost?

For now, it's free; for now, it's in beta. You can learn about all the other stuff Activision wants you to do in Call of Duty Elite. Remember, you don't actually get a pony.


    That sounded like Ryan renolds.

    who was that?

      TJ Miller, the guy who plays 'Hud' in Cloverfield.

    wow... that made me want MW3 even less... GG Activision.

      Couldn't agree more, mate. That was pathetic. I too, was going to avoid MW3 like herpes and video thing, reaffirms my stance.

      Agreed.. I couldn't watch all of it.

    how do they think thats a positive.

    Not to mention that they still didn't outline a reasonable reason to pay for it.

    Special events,tourneys clan matches. Cod4 had all of them at no extra cost. you set up a server and away you go.

    As for real prizes. No doubt they'll be a BS, competition only valid in america clause, much in the same way as most of the BO Developer servers were in america.

    how about instead of a stupid buzz video(that told us nothing that they hadn't already mentioned) actually show us something

      Isn't it funny how they've taken away all this stuff over time and they're acting all innovative-like by giving it back to us....FOR MONEY!

    I am playing through Black Ops again trying to convince myself it is luck yet.

    - More stats than you know what to do with: already have more than enough of the stats you'd need in CoD.

    - Heat maps: already have in BO.

    - Track friends & rivals, join groups of like-minded players: what are forums and XBL?

    - Create an join clans: bwah?

    - Study and edit load outs: like what you can do now?

    - Create custom leaderboards: well whoop-de-fuckn'-doo.

    - Access from mobile devices: I've always wanted to access my CoD stats when I'm out.

    - Weapon performance stats: already have.

    Money well spent.

    I see this more as about control. :3
    What's going to happen to existing services that already provide this? Are they at threat? o.O

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