Chesty 3DS Game Comes To Life

Senran Kagura, the booby 3DS game, isn't only doing a product collaboration with adult goods store Akahige Pharmacy. It also has its own idol unit, Senran Kagura G-Feed.

Curvy bikini pin-ups Chiaki Kyan, Maria Tainaka, Imao, Tsumi Kanna and Mitsue Saitoh comprise the group, which dress in skimpy sheer-through outfits and dance.

Regular Kotaku readers will know Imao as a model who previously covered her face with an anime mask.

PRユニット「閃乱カグラ G-FEED」結成! マーベラス、3DS「閃乱カグラ −少女達の真影−」 [Inside Games, Game Impress Watch]



    Why did I bother checking this article?

      The promise of boobs and then pics of panties?

      Because you wanted to complain about something? Go back to bed.

      I loved the article =D thanks Brian.


    Tsumi Kanna is a standout for me!

    On one hand I'm shaking a finger a Kotaku's lack of journalistic integrity for posting this kind of news….. the other hand is busy *fap* *fap* *fapping* away to it ><

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