China's Blatant Team Fortress 2 Rip-off Sexes Up 'Meet The Sniper'

Chinese shooter Final Combat, an unsubtle, shameless swipe of two other free-to-play games - Valve's Team Fortress 2 and EA's Battlefield Heroes - has a new playable class it would like to introduce: the Sniper. The sexy, short-skirted, probably-does-not-urinate-in-jars Sniper.

See, where Xunlei's Final Combat distinguishes itself from Valve's team-based shooter is in the fact that two of its classes are female. The Medic's a woman, as is the Sniper. And the latter plays up her sex appeal by stroking her sniper rifle and revealing ample, sometimes jiggling flesh—a tactically brilliant distraction!

So, here you go, fans of things vaguely like Team Fortress and Battlefield. Enjoy "Meet The Sniper." Again.

[Thanks Chase!]


    I uhh... think I like this one more...

    Gosh she's a terrible shot with that "sniper gun" though.

    The video was good for a lol but I'll go with the original, thanks.

    Did anyone else just super-impose the regular sniper over the not-sniper...

    "Sniper-Gun" lmfao

      Just in case you weren't entirely certain.

    *Hopes she talks with the exact same voice as the sniper from TF2*

    "probably-does-not-urinate-in-jars Sniper"

    This is perhaps the greatest crime of all.

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