Commonwealth Will Consider Overriding NSW On R18+

The SCAG meeting press conference is underway, but we got word from Brendan O'Connor's spokesperson that if NSW doesn't agree to an R18+ rating, there is the possibility that the commonwealth government will go ahead with R18+ is eight of the nine states regardless.

We expect that Brendan O'Connor will express these sentiments in further interviews but we were told that "NSW has put themselves in the position where if they hold it back we will strongly consider overriding them."

The spokesperson also said that he didn't expect the R18+ issue to ever be discussed in a SCAG meeting again.

It's worth noting that the NSW AG has not explicitly stated he is against the R18+ rating, he just wants to wait until the ALRC report back to make a final decision.

We'll have more info on the situation soon. Gamespot are streaming the conference here


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