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Another week is gone. It's time for me to eat chocolate and hand out kudos, and I'm all out of kudos. Oh, wait a minute... no I'm not. Just found a smartie on the floor. Om nom nom.

Alright. I'm done.

This week has been all about the lead up to Shameless Gaming Month, in preparation for a July of playing the games that time forgot. I want to give a huge shoutout to Trjn for the idea, the original blog post, and for getting everyone rallied for it. I feel like I never have time for games these days, but hopefully I'll get the time to blast through a small portion of my own pile of shame. Dead Space 2 and Crysis 2 will be first on my list I think.

Strange sent me a personal nom nom nom for Trjn earlier this week - Strange, thanks for being the most consistent nominator in Kotaku history.

We had another nom for James Mac - who I've always found to be the quiet achiever at Kotaku. The man is always there, making quality posts, taking the piss out of me with aplomb. This week he's sending L.A. Noire to Shane for free. What a guy. Champion.

Another nom for FatShady for being awesome. Thing is - what he was nominated for isn't being posted on here until next week! Yes. Mysterious...

Now onto more pressing news - Milla Jovovich finally tweeted TadMod. I truly cannot believe it. This is testament to the fact that, if you stalk and pester and annoy people enough, you can get them to do anything. Anything. Congrats Tad - you worked hard for it, and I know you had a pretty rough day - strike one for the bucket list!

Anyways... this week's winner is - Trjn! I'm looking forward to this month, and I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's progress in the coming weeks.

Congrats, and I hope y'all have an amazing weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    I think Tad's achievement far outstrips my own here, by a considerable margin.

    A positive blow for all online stalkers everywhere.

    Me? I just decided to play some games :p

      Also thanks. Why do I hit submit before I've finished making a comment?

      Congrats though, bro! :D

      By the way, you can join our little community at

        You best register that domain before someone else does.

          Oh definitely. I know the demand for that domain is ridiculous!

        The Milla Jovovich campaign on Twitter has been hilarious, and I'm ever so glad it had a happy ending! And she was so sweet about it.

        Congratulations Trjn! I can't wait to get home from work and get started on my #shamelessgaming.

          I know! I was expecting a "who the f♥ck ARE you?!".

          I love her even more now!

            She took the flood of tweets very well :P

            It's pretty amazing that she even noticed it at all, looking at the volume of @mentions she gets every hour :P

              Talent. Pure talent. :P

        Congrats Bunny! Was a good read this morning!

        Also, I'm totally stealing some credit for cracking Milla's nut. Told you I could arrange it. Trolling - Punk'd!

          Thanks man! It was a good hustle.

      God bless the "competition not open to employees of Allure media or their immediate families" clause, huh?

      Well done - you've created a bit of a buzz around this month of anti-shame!

    Congrats Trjn!

    Who's our next celebretarian to browbeat into tweeting ol' Taddius Modietan?

    Congrats Trjn!

    Also congrats to Tad, for this magnanimous and epic achievement.

    I'm trying to think of another game-movie related actress with stalkable potential. Oh, maybe your girl from Neighbours, then she did all the silly teasing music videos, then she was in DOA the movie (which I still think is the best game movie of all time), just can't remember her name.

      Holly Valance.

      One of the promotional items for the DOA movie were some heat sensitive stickers on urinals. Piss on the sticker and it showed the face of one of the actresses.

      The random trivia I pick up...

        That's the lass, off course now every time I see her in some bit part I'll think of pee

    Congrats mate. Best thing on this site for ages. Really something we can all get into.

    Btw. This is the first annual pineapple. More to come.

    Congrats to all!!
    I'm heading home to start on my pile'o'shame!!

    Thanks Mark and Thanks Shane.

    Well done Trjn.
    Well done Tad... now, use your powers for good and get Bryan Eckman to make some announcements on the new Mechwarrior game.

      I'm picking my next target carefully!

    Congrats Trjn!

    I'm gonna go raid all my draws at home and check my harddrives and actually work out home shameful my shame pile really is.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Great info!

    I very deserving win this week - its prompted me to go through all the demo's taking up space on my hard drive (can't quite bring myself to delete NBA Elite - thats one of a kind!)

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