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It's Friday. I'm jacked up on Pepsi Max, I have a little bit of a sore head, and it's almost time for me to go home - so you know what that means! It's time for Community Kudos...

It's been a long week for me, since my wife is sick and I have pretty much been at the beck and call of "make me a lemsip" cries and "change the channel to neighbours" screams. Now it's Friday though, and I'm sort of looking forward to playing games.

This week has been a week where the community actually crossed over from being readers into contributors. To say that you guys did a great job would be a major understatement.

Props again to Trjn for his Shameless Gaming idea, which has really gotten traction with me, and the entire community. I'd like to say thanks for your posts and, in particular your guide to shameless gaming, which was yet another great read. I hope you keep writing because I think you're good at it.

And speaking of being good at stuff - congrats to Anonymous Pessimist. I might have missed this last week, but it seems as though you got the job of your dreams! Congratulations. You've really brought a lot to this place and its weird to imagine there was a time where you didn't post here!

Also - where the hell did Jimu go? I miss that guy.

Stamperrific? I also highly approve your name change to 'Oberführer von Schtamperrific'.

We had a bunch of nominations this week, and I don't think anyone will be surprised when they find out who gained the lion's share.

FatShady - congratulations. You are the undisputed winner of this week's Community Kudos.

If you don't know why FatShady won Community Kudos this week, then you have to check out this feature - a ridiculously in-depth look at the Trials HD riddle. Not only did it land Kotaku Australia a crapload of traffic - thanks big guy - it was simply a fascinating insight into a topic most gamers were barely aware of.

As a result - Fat Shady may be making an appearance on Good Game to explain the details behind the riddle! Mate, it was an incredible piece of work, and the amount of effort that had gone into its creation was very clear.

Great job dude!

Anyways - that's it from me. Hope you guys have a great weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Yay Shady! Well deserved indeed! So much effort put in to this week! Really enjoyed reading it all. Hope to see you on GG too! That'd be totally awesome!!


    I did my part and encourage everyone to vote. The future of our nation is in your hands!

    This message brought to you by Chuloopa, spoken by Chuloopa, and that nasty mess left on your front lawn was probably Chuloopa. This text is to read in a really really fast voice

    :P Tags are fun.

    FatShady nailed it!
    I hear Kerri-Anne Kennerley is worried about losing her time-slot to Shady. She's awful, so I'd say it's in the bag.

    Congrats Shady, well deserved for good writing and stuffs.

    Thanks for the mention Mark. I'll keep writing until someone beats me over the head and tells me to stop, for the sake of the children-folk.

    Good on you mate, will you autograph my breasts? Your silly article had me up until 4am last night.... But the funny thing was, I WAS LEARNING! Had a really cool read of Cosmos! Next I'm gonna look into Stephen Hawking I think... hmmm

      You know, you're awesome at American Football..

    Nice work Shady!

    And Mark, have you told your wife that she has a man-cold? I said that to my sister once and she got all offended, but it was still true...

    And then I found ten dollars.


      Save for the finding money part, I've had many an argument with girlfriends over the man-cold thing :P

      Tell 'em your colds are the same as theirs and cop an earful. Sympathise with them and cop an earful.

      So either way, grats on surviving the ordeal and having time to post!

      And of course grats to Shady, it was a wonderful article and crazy interesting! It was like reading a Dan Brown novel if Dan Brown could actually write. Mayhap we see a future for Shady at KotakuAU?

    Rad work, Shady!

    Dem tags though, it lacks strangeness.

      *squishes Bishy in a giant hug*

      And yes, huge congratulations to FatShady. Your epic article was well deserving of Kudos. I didn't get around to nominating anyone this week but it would most likely have been you anyway.

    Congrats FatShady, I dig your style mate!!

    I'd also like to congratulate AP for being a sick mofo and venturing into the land of DUBSTEP with his first effort..keep it up dude, I want to see where you go with it :)

    Dang Mark, I only changed my name as a one off for a laugh, but if you 'highly approve' I think it's going to schtick!! Don't expect me to keep up the German accent tho :P

    WOB you Kotaku AU!!! \m/ (O_o) \m/

    Thanks Mark and everyone for getting involved. My biggest fear was that it was too much, too big, too complex to get any real interest. Boy was I wrong.

    I could not have asked for more. I spent the rest of the day just trying to keep up. I even got guys I know from the UK sending msgs on live saying how they enjoyed it.

    I had to pull over (i was driving) to finish this because I don't want it to sound half arsed. I seriously want to thank Kotaku/Mark for helping me get this together but more importantly providing a place where we can do this.

    I also want to provide an update. This week we have solved at least 2 clues as a direct result of this post. The cardboard box was from the stanley Kubrick archives and the dots below the fibonnacci pattern were binary for 2718 or 2.718, the mathematical constant 'e'.

    There is a new vibe surrounding this riddle and this is all I was aiming for. Very happy with kudos but the progress and awareness this got the riddle was more than enough.

    Thanks again. Any tyPos hahaha like that one blame fat fingers and an iPhone. Someone insert that Simpsons line about dialing the phone with fat fingers.

    Oh yeah. Good game interview and game capture on thursday. Glad Aussies are so keen to get behind this.

    Thanks again all.

    Nice work Sir Shady :)
    Trjn writes words real good and stuff, congrats on Shameless success.
    I'm going to bug Jimu to put more effort in next week.....

    Congratulations FatShady, you well deserve that. Btw, how long did that take to write?

      Thinking about it today. All up I prob put 10 + hours into it including final research and getting images etc. But really it is just the last step in hundreds of hours over almost 2 years.

    Oh. Best quote I've read about the article "two years and trials hd is still finding new ways to frustrate players."

    That is the sort of complex stuff that makes gaming so great. You can have a fun game and then add a whole lot of extra crazy awesome on top and most people won't even know it is there. But now we do thanks to FatShady!

    Congrats fatshady!

      I know it's a late addition... but 2 DAYS LEFT AT MY OLD CRUDDY JOB! \o/

      Can't wait for the job of my dreams, as per above :D Get a nice half-a-week holiday in between for #shamelessgaming !

    Can the real slim shady please stand up
    I think where gonna have a problem here

    Veru impressive stuff.

    Hehe, tags makey me smile.

    Congratulations FatShady, seriously well-deserved. Your passion for the game is amazing.

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