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Today has been a long day. In fact it's been a long week. But now it's close to the weekend, and I've got the best plan ever. I'm just going to eat Crust Pizza. All weekend long. Best weekend ever. Oh, and COMMUNITY KUDOS!

But before we get started. This is easily the greatest GIF of all time. You should click it right now.

Bruce Willis you magnificent bald bastard.

Today was the day when me and Tadmod argued all day long. First he skipped my favourite song on the Allure Media music player so he could listen to Michael Buble. Then he tried to tell me that Inception was a better movie than Predator. I mean seriously - has the world gone topsy turvy?

What is wrong with this guy?

Absolutely nothing. He is awesome and his taste in music and film is perfect. I will bow down to him in future.

In other news, our very own FatShady is going to be a TV star the likes of which has never been seen. After writing his incredible look at the Trials HD riddle, he was invited to go onto Good Game to present the case. Personally I think this is awesome, but also very well deserved. Thanks again FatShady - if it wasn't for you I'd still be stuck on Inferno II. I may even be dead.

Cause of death? Trying to wedge a 360 controller into my left eyeball with a shoehorn.

So, to recap - FatShady. On Good Game. Awesome. Please let us all know when it's going to air!

And now for the noms...

Stamperrific wanted to give Lambomann007 a nomination, for sending him a copy of F.3.A.R. (yeah, that's right I spelt it with the weird number thing, what are you going to do about it!) I concur - Lambo is indeed a spiffing gentleman of the highest calibre. But he's won a couple of CKs as of late.

So I'm going to award this week's Community Kudos to...


Bish was nominated by the First Lady of Kotaku, the Queen of the nom noms, the princess of tags, the master of Mass Effect - Strange.

Apparently you were very funny this week. So congratulations!

Alright - have a great weekend. And good luck with your piles of shame!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Nice work Bish!! Quiet week, the calm before the storm.....

    Hurray for the funny man.

    WUBWUBWUB fark yeah Mark I WUB IT :P

    Congrats Bish! And lambo.. I tried :)

    Pretty low-key week for TAY IMHO, but I think it just means it was quality over quantity!



    I guess you'll have an extra special private Bish time tonight?

    Congrats Bish. Happy for you man.

    Thanks for the mention Serrels. And thanks for not mentioning my lack of serrels stare!

    I was pretty quiet this week but been busy. Have a good weekend

    Shut up Mark! Inception is good.
    also, Lady GaGa is stupid. Take that.

    Congrats Bish

    Holy tag team batman! That's a lot of tags!!! WOWZERS!
    And congrats Bish! ;) You r teh funneh indeed! Can't wait to see shady on GGTV too!! So exciting!!!

    Bruce Willis you magnificent bald bastard.

    What's the name of the song? Explosivo!
    Don't know what it's about, but it's good to go.

    I swear I posted a congratulations. It involved making a crack about special Bish time.

    Far too lazy to make another wise-crack... so HOORAY BISH!


    all those tags and i'm not in them?


    oh and congrats bish!


    (╯°‿°)╯︵ \o/

    Thanks guys! This is pretty rad!
    Had a kind of sucky interview this morning and this is a good way to STEVE HOLT into the weekend!


      Haha, 'apparently you were funny'. lol! Congrats!

      Congratulamations bishbaby! Tis' true, you are one funny hilarious bastard!

      Is it just me, or am I seeing all these awesome Taypers growing out into the big scary world!?? Onya FS and Bunny! :-D

    Bish is funny every week.

    He's a funny guy.

    Just looking at him makes me laugh.

    Well done Bish, you crazy not-good-at-DDR-and-other-rhythm-games-even-though-you're-asian-which-I-realise-is-a-hefty-stereotype-but-you're-the-one-who-said-it-so-it's-all-cool-...-right? guy!

    I was watching Conan - The Musical on youtube earlier today, so I nearly pissed myself when I read "the riddle of steel!" in the tags. XD

    Congrats, Bish.

      That's EXACTLY what we were talking about in the office! :D

    Oh! Also, I think it's Jimu's birthday this weekend so I'm going to say happy birthday to him here.
    I'm wishing for a PS3 for you, hand delivered by Pokemanz.

    I miss all this. Woe is meeeeee...

    You deserve om nom noms for winning Kudos, Bish!

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