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My head hurts. I feel like I've been typing all bloody day long, but it's time for me to lumber slowly towards the end of the week and Community Kudos!

I'm going to keep it short this week, as I'm about to trudge home and collapse on my big comfy couch wearing as little clothing as possible - but I want to give a quick shout out for some bloody awesome stuff that went on this week.

- Strange: You were nominated a couple of times for, firstly letting Tim crash on your couch for the upcoming meat! And secondly for sending 'tha loops' your copy of Overlord 2.

- Braaains: You also get Kudos, nominated by Strange, for just being awesome. Also for getting more involved in TAY and bringing that wit we all know and love!

- Shane: What an awesome dude. I totally missed this, but it appears that you're starting a whole 'pay it forward' deal with giving games away! You guys and your endless generosity! It warms the cockles of my black heart so it does!

- Superfred: You also received a nomination, again by Mr Chuloopa, for being awesome in the I Don't Speak Australian post. I'd like to second this - it's great that in this community we can sort out any minor differences with no fuss. It's a great testament to the community we've all built here.

- Welbot: You also received a nomination for helping Blaghman build his computer, which just arrived today.

- Finally, we had an absolute crapload of late nominations for Brendan O'Connor! For obvious reason! It looks as though Australia will finally be getting the R18+ rating it deserves.

But, yeah, I don't remember Brendan O'Connor ever posting on Kotaku, so this week Community Kudos goes to Shane since a metric buttload of folks suggested it. Well done Shane, and I'll see you guys next week!

Also - this. Klutar, you're a goddamn genius.

And finally - not even an R18+ sticker can fix TadMod. He is broken forever.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats Shane! Very well deserved!!

    Also, I think I'm jinxed in my nominations! Can you check them Mark and move them to next week please! :-)

    I haven't been here in weeks... I feel dirty :\

    Anyways, I just saw the R18+ thing on Ten news and thought of Kotaku, so I'm here to offer my congratulations to Shane and kudos to Mark/Kotaku for all the time and effort put into getting the classification system updated!

    Congrats Shane!
    Also, kudos for getting published!
    (I realise that happened a little while ago, but not sure if it recieved any kudos cred)

    Haha bawble in the tags!
    Congrats Shane : )

    Congrats Shane!!! You've been on a lot more lately and it obviosly did not go unnoticed:)

    Birthday week!
    Grats, Shane! Tis a truly awesome thing you are doing.

    Also, hurrr, "yfrog Fullsize". No, that picture does not even come close to Tad's full size.

    i saw what shane was doing, and i was going to nominate, but then i thought, i bet everyone else on the site has done it as well!

    congrats shane!!

    also, we're doing birthday tags now? i demand one for my birthday last may!

    Grats guys!
    Hahaha oh man I need hobby

    Just to clarify, I'm not letting him crash on my couch, he's sleeping in the cupboard. :P

    And congratulations Shane, I'm glad you're around more so everyone gets to see how awesome you are.

    I'm thinking I probably should have nominated my husband though, for agreeing to pick The Pessimist up from the airport and letting our house be overrun by Kotakuites. He has no idea what he's in for....

    Congrats, Shane. You have the strangest name here, if only because it's the most normal (unless your name isn't Shane, then it's odd).

      Alas, tis my real name. And it's a strange enough name without needing to add to or alter it in any way :)

    I guess I owe thanks to a metric buttload of people. So thanks! :)

    It was great to have a light week at work so I could spend more time with all you awesome folk, and share some gaming love!

      PS: I would like to dedicate this victory to James Mac, who inspired the whole 'free game' idea, and would like to redirect any Kudos (including prizes) his way.

      Or to Strange for hosting a Brisbane meat.

      And I would also like to nominate Mark for keeping R18+ a front page issue - it's no doubt due to his persistence that this didn't go away. Mark, I have some prizes for you- a copy of TMNT Smash Up and NBA2K11 for PS2... both for you! :)

        No. Just no. A metric buttload of people wanted you to have a prize, so you get one. You can redirect it when you're done with it. You deserve your Kudos. :-)

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