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Alrighty chaps and chapitas, another week rounds up to a close - and you know what that means...

First off, I want to say how awesome it is that you guys all sort of just sporadically arrange meet ups. It truly warms the marrow in my dark, Skeletor-esque bones when I think of the awesome japes and tales of fellowship that occur through this site.


The best part, of course, is when Sughly delivers awesome visual representations of the meats. Like this:

Yes. I know. Amazing. Sughly is his name, delivering is his game.

Anyway, onto the noms...

Jamesmacusedmyhandle nominated our very own Seamus Byrne for the following reasons, which I will now quote in full...

Just a quicky to nominate Seamus for calling out Jim Wallace on national TV like A BOSS!!!!

And also for having the balls to do it rocking a black velvet jacket with a grey woolknit sweater (extra kudos if it was a sweater vest!!)

I lol'd verily.

ShiggyNinty also dropped a double nom (also known as a 'nom nom'). To Sughly for showing him "how truly amazing Steven Seagal is as an action star and actor" and to Blaghman for alerting him to the Humble Indie Bundle.

I also got the following nomination from the Queen of the nom noms - Strange:

Fatshady and Rocketman have done some awesome things this week but DAN! has been busting out weird stories and even screenplays and I think he deserves to be acknowledged for this.

So DAN! Consider yourself acknowledged!

But the winner this week comes from a nomination that had me fighting back the man tears. Again, I will quote the nomination in its entirety, complete with mad 'ALL CAPS' skillz and mass usage of exclamation points. Also - I'd like to point out the subject heading in the email was "KUDO'S KUDO'S KUDO'S KUDO'S" - so I knew it was important!

For my nomination this week I wish to give KUDO'S to Klutar!!

We're not talking about a few games here, Klutar has given me a gift so valuable, I am STILL IN SHOCK!! Klutar came out to visit me at my house, and bought me a totally kickarse ATI 5970 graphics card. This card he gave me FOR FREE!! Its probably still worth a few hundred at least, must have cost him nearly a grand when he got it!! And out of his golden heart, he came and gave it to me, for nothing. This has fixed my random squares problem my old card was causing. It was a tight fit, the card is a MONSTER but its now right at home in my case and runs like god on steroids. So, please consider Klutar for kudos this week, its super important!!!

So the winner of this week's Community Kudos is Klutar! Well done and well deserved!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats Klutar.

    Also, I completely forgot to nominate this week. Strange, thanks for hosting the meat.

    Tsk Tsk Tsk.... what did I ask you on twitter mr serrels? ;)

      Oh and I guess I should say congrats Klutar! ;) Thanks for makin Q-bo so happy!!! :) :) :) :)

    Well done Klutar.

    Also, "when Sughly delivers"

    ^ the 'when' is irrelevant, Sughly ALWAYS delivers.

    Congrats Klutzizzle!

    The big Klutzeezy!


    You is win!

    We play rift over weekend yes?

    Six cans of Pepsi Max is too much, Mark.

    Congrats to Klutar!
    It's the amazing deeds people do out of pure generosity makes this place awesome. : )

    Better being used than collecting dust at home.
    I'm just glad it fit in his PC.
    Also, Q-Bo is totally a pool hustler.
    I was on the 8 ball and he had 4 balls (giggidy) on the table and he ended up winning.

      Fail phone is fail

    Thanks for helping the Q-man out, Klutar!

    And yes, Mini-Strange IS a boss. :D

    Well don Kloots! Awesome gesture of awesomeness.

    I nom Strange for next weeks Kudos, for hosting the Meat and letting a depraved young gent sleep in her house.

      Aww, thanks.
      But you know, why did nobody WARN me how depraved he is....

    Grats Klutar, well deserved.

    Congrats man. well deserved. Great work mate. Very nice.

    Congrats Klutar! Well deserved human, doing such an awesome thing for Qumulys :)

    All Glory to Klutar!

    Oh wow - Klutar, you really are a man amongst men! Or something. Is that how it goes? I dont know, but you are one anyway! (or something). And double wow for having my drawing featured! Merci Mark :D

    OH MAN I COMPLETELY FORGOT! I meant to nom Shiggy! Who ended up nomming me! Nom fail. Well, this is what it was for...

    1 - for depicting my dreams (with a scary accuracy):

    2 - capturing the moment a BFF came into existence:

    Not just a nom...

    but an OM NOM NOM!

    Ok, I'm finished.

    Arrrgh!!! Had not nets last night!!
    Congrats Klutar!!! Mad Skillz Sughly! DAN! cracked me up all week!! Look everyone one here is just awesome OK!!!! EXCLAMATION POINTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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