Community Review: Bastion

Community Review: Bastion

You know, this cynical, bitter black heart of mine often finds it difficult to get excited about new games. I’ve seen the hype cycle go round so many times that it can often be hard to maintain enthusiasm – but Bastion? It’s got my attention. Big time.

Stupid weekend commitments and my wife’s insistence that we go and see the new Harry Potter got the better of me this weekend, so I never got the chance to get stuck into the game. Big regret. It’s also going to be difficult seeing as I’m committed to at least polishing off a couple of games from the pile of shame for Shameless Gaming.

So yeah, great. This week’s community review is really going to be a community review, because it’s hard to talk about a game I haven’t even played yet.

But I will play this game. I’m one of those folks that’s had their fill of ‘this-gen’ JRPGs, but Bastion, as it does, taking its inspiration from the JRPGs I played as a kid on my SNES, interests me greatly.

I’m really keen to hear what you guys thought of it. Let me know in the comments below!


  • I downloaded it yesterday.
    Such an awesome little title!
    Artwork is great.
    And as Raygun told me, it’s worth it for the VoiceOver alone.
    I now want a Southern accented, Colonel Sanders look a like to voice over everything I do.
    And possibly give me free chicken.

  • The artwork is amazing. The art and music give me a definite Braid feel for some reason.
    Despite the game being an Action RPG it just feels calming to watch and listen to.

    And whoever at Supergiant Games decided to include the Narrator is a freakin’ genius.

    • And by that of course I meant the game. Sure, my writing’s not too bad, but the game is one of the best available via the XBLA.

      Sorry, didn’t mean to come across as conceited.

  • Takes a little time to get fully immersed, but when you do you can play for hours. The art is freakin’ beautiful and the gameplay is fun with its RPG elements. Definitely feels like a HD SNES game. I like the narrator a whole damn lot too, would like to see an interactive narration in other games too.

  • Awesome game. Such an enchanting style. Great power ups & weapons and a surprisingly rich story.

    And yeah, the narrator is a masterstroke of game design.

  • Brilliant game. The art and music are amazing it’s a tonne of fun to play.

    Loved the trippy bit in the marshes, favourite part so far.

  • I am loving the game. For me it has a huge “Deadwood” feel to it. I tweeted greg Kasvin on this and he replied it was a big influence on the tone. It reminds me of Illusion of Time also.

  • I haven’t finished playing the game but given that I’m just off upgrading the final building with a shard and now have all the weapons unlocked, I’m guessing I’m close.

    And what can I say about the ride so far? Superb. I’m moved by the story, the gameplay as well as the love and attention that’s been given to the game by the developers. The art style gives the whole game this warmth that makes you want to spend so much more time in that world.

    The gameplay is addictive and fun. Simple to start with plenty of options for customization and difficulty which are implemented in very fun and interactive ways.

    And finally, the audio of this game really sets the bar for quality for both arcade and retail games I feel. Masterful voicework by the narrator and beautiful, fitting, addictive music.

    I can only hope that other games attempt to mimic this one in its depth, detail and replayability. But I don’t think can really tell the story of Bastion. Its one of those games you need to play for a solid hour before you truly understand why people are gushing over it.

  • This sounds completely up my alley… but I have a PS3, not X360. Curses.

    We’ll see if I still care when it comes out on PC.

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