Confederate Army Uniforms Pulled From Xbox Avatar Marketplace

Confederate Army Uniforms Pulled From Xbox Avatar Marketplace

Microsoft removed a Confederate soldier’s uniform and cap from an Xbox Live avatar items collection, following complaints from users about what the symbols represent.

The grey uniform and cap, recognisably symbols of the American Confederacy, went on sale in an “American History” collection that featured Revolutionary War-era garb, fireworks, and an Abe Lincoln stovepipe hat and beard.

Incidentally, two British army Revolutionary War items, a redcoat uniform and cap, also were removed.

A Microsoft representative gave Kotaku this statement:

Xbox LIVE Marketplace offers a wide variety of avatar items. We have received member feedback on a recent avatar collection, as a result we have removed items from our marketplace. We apologise for any issues this may have caused.

As the American Civil War was fought over slavery, Confederate symbols are sometimes taken as a racial provocation. They have historically been used by white supremacist organisations, and also have a history as symbols of segregationists and their sympathisers.


  • Fair enOugh too i think, how many people would be happy to see a taliban or nazi uniform on the market place?

    I am suprised this got through whatever regulation checks microsoft has.

    • if confederate uniforms are not allowed then everything with the american rag on it should also be banished as it is actually used more by the kkk than the confederate flag. and only in the northern revisionist history books does it say that the war was about slavery. in reality it was about the few who stood against a tyrant that everyone now days considers a hero “because they do not know how to read” btw the Nazis loved Lincoln because he was a Marxist and hated the confederacy deo vindice !

    • I dont want the uniform of my ancestors in such a ridiculous format anyway. The makers of those stupid avatars dont know anything about the uniforms anyway, and they serve absolutely no historical function. People should avoid them all together and go to the local library and get true history instead of playing kiddie games.

  • Political correctness gone crazy.
    They pull the outfit from the market place, yet our nutty counterparts will still re-enact the whole Civil War thingy Annually, and don the real uniforms. Go figure how thats not offensive in the same way?

    It is offensive for us (apparently) racist white people to use the N word (and fair enough, its a pretty horribleword) but if your not Caucasian its ok to throw it around like its candy. Go Figure.

    I’m just done with political correctness. Time to go down the shop people, and buy yourself a can of “HARDEN THE HELL UP!”

      • Garry

        July 7, 2011 at 9:02 AM

        Political way?

        It is Go Figure.

        I’m just UP!”

        Your comments are now suitable for Xbox Live.

        Enjoy the redacting of history people, our modern day and age is really f***ed up. Are we really ignoring the confederates existed now??? You know it’s a myth the northerners fought to end slavery right (given it continued well after the war)… but lets not go there…

    • I think the difference between a re-enactment and this is if they are wearing it with pride like a football jersey saying this is my team that I support. People tend to put things on their avatar that are an expression of themselves.

      A re-enactment is retelling events that happened but this might be seen as saying “I wish the confederates had won.”

      I agree they are trying to be politically correct but I don’t think it is going to far.

  • When I saw the news about these items going on the marketplace in the first place I thought it would end badly and lo and behold that is exactly what happened. Go figure.

  • They did not have to get rid of the uniform, all they had to do was add a blue one to go with it.

    • But only at initial launch. Once they launched with only the Greys, they were hosed, there was only one outcome possible. It wasn’t that they offered it, it was that they offered /only/ it and called it the civil war uniform. *headshake* Political correctness or not, it was just plain /dumb/ and someone should have realized it before it went live.

  • They pull this down but they leave up the orange jump suits of the terrorist organisation known as the Rebel alliance!? Responsible for literally thousands upong thousands of deaths when they destroyed not one, but two planet sized civil installations?

    Those Rebel scum.

  • with Microsoft being an American company, at what point did it not become flagged that it may cause offence? Or were they engulfed with 4th of July celebrations and the hopefulness of making a quick buck out of the release

  • I think we as Americans need to get back to growing a spine and thicker skin and stop being offended by every little thing.

    Who are these people crying to MS over this little nothing.

    Talk about becoming a nation of pussies.

  • “As the American Civil War (sic) was fought over slavery…”. Really Owen Good? Certainly it played a role the issues at hand, however, the War was fought because of an invasion of legally seceded states. You are being much too general and intellectually dishonest with that statement. But, that is no worse than them pulling the Confederate uniform….simply spineless. The Confederate Soldier is one of the finest fighting men this world has ewe known.

  • To refute the oft-repeated lie that the War for Southern Independence (commonly but erroneously called “The Civil War”) was fought over slavery, I need only mention the Corwin Amendment — proposed by Congressman Thomas Corwin of Ohio, passed by Congress 2 March 1861, and endorsed by Abraham Lincoln. That amendment read: “No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.”

    If the seceded States had wished to perpetuate slavery, they had only to re-join the Union and ratify that amendment.

    They did not because they seceded to escape an overweening, all-intrusive big government – the same reason that thirteen States seceded from Britain in 1776, Mexico from Spain in 1818, and Texas from Mexico in 1836.

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