Continuity 2 Would Make Super Mario One Paranoid Plumber

Continuity 2 Would Make Super Mario One Paranoid Plumber

What if Super Mario was locked in a room and the walls kept moving around him?

What if up became down, left became right, the floor below him moved to the right and was replaced with another?

What if someone turned his world upside down and he started falling up?

It would be tough for Mario to star in Continuity 2: The Continuation, but he could get the hang of it. Continuity 2 is a platforming game – that is, a game about running and jumping a la Super Mario Bros – that unfolds across a series of levels that all fit into a single screen of the iPhone or iPad. The twist is that each of which is composed of a patch of sliding sometimes-compatible tiles that must be re-arranged to allow the game’s hero to travel from one tile to another. You control the movement of a stickman who has to run and hop his way toward a key, use it to unlock a door and leave. You can’t accomplish this without moving the tiles of his terrain, which can be slid by your fingertips like pieces of a child’s puzzle.

I suggest you watch the game in motion. (Look left!)

The first Continuity was an award-winning student project and a breath of fresh air. Of course we should be able to rearrange the very levels within which our heros can run! (As long as we pause the game first, of course.) Most of Continuity‘s creators have formed Ragtime Games and released this more advanced sequel. It has new levels and new twists, including the ability to flip the playing field and pull of gravity by rotating the iPhone or iPad.

Continuity 2 is cheap – just $1.19 – and won’t take that long to play through. It has 50 levels total, most of which I finished during a pair of train rides. But a dollar isn’t too much to pay for a game that takes one of gaming’s oldest formulas and does something clever with it. Play it. Get this poor hero out of these locked rooms by making his world topsy-turvy. It’ll help.

Continuity 2: The Continuation [iTunes]

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