Cup-Art Bandit Strikes Again With Metroid

Last month's Mega Man mosaic of painted cups in a chain-link fence has a sequel, and an artist claiming responsibility for the acts of awesomeness.

Here is Samus and a metroid by Pixeled Fence, "a gamer's urban art project." It and the Mega Man mosaic appeared on the Carterville Road overpass of University Avenue in Provo, Utah. This project took 670 cups, nine cans of spray paint, and about two hours of setup time.

You can see more images at the link.

Pixeled Fence: A Gamer's Urban Art Project [thanks radinplaid!]


    Those are three names I enjoy; Mega Man, Metroid, and Provo.

    And now I wait...

    And you said this was on what road...? :D

    i just find this stupid and lame, and not even original, not to mention a million times worse for the environment than just painting a mural.

      Haters gonna hate.

    I totally drove by megaman when it was up! There are always cup sentences on the fence, and sometimes marriage proposals, but megaman was the coolest!

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