D.C. Universe Online Adds Microtransaction Support

D.C. Universe Online Adds Microtransaction Support

D.C. Universe Online has launched something called the “DCUO Marketplace,” and while its shelves are pretty bare, what it could portend down the line is worth paying attention, if not cash.

Currently all you can buy are “Proto Repair-Bots” (tune your gear without visiting a tech in HQ) and extra Vault Tickets. Given that you usually leave the Vault with $US13 and a bunch of crap, there’s little reason to visit this Marketplace now.

A microtransaction basis for an MMO is, naturally, the way to take that thing to free-to-play. No one’s saying that will happen with DCUO, which released in January, but hey, it’s already there.

D.C. Universe Online Launches In-Game Market [Massively]


  • If this is a rushed response to match CCP’s tactic of putting in micro-transactions into an MMO then i imagine it should see quite a few regulars leave. This is simply greed – nothing else.

    You either have a subscription and provide constant online service and new content as part of that subscription or you provide free access to everyone as part of F2P and you support the server cost and addition of new content through the micro-transaction model. Any MMO that has both is simply double-dipping from the limited consumer base they would have that are willing to pay the subscription and i think that is wrong.

  • I was expecting it to go F2P since day one. Hopefully it doesn’t take the Champions and CoH route and make your characters super gimped though.

  • yeah extra charges to Australians for no reason and now micro transactions, so glad i left this game ages ago, someone needs to hack SOE beyond repair.

  • Sad to see it run to free play so soon (sure they’re not there yet, but it is totally right around the corner).

    I had hoped it would give WoW at least a -little- run for its money.

  • I played this, it was bloody fun. But it started going down hill, especially with the Aussie subscription prices.

    I feel sorry for the people that bought the life time subs.

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