Dark Souls Invents Another Way To Grief Gamers

In Demon Souls players were able to invade each others game as a Black Phantom, to hunt down the other player and try to kill them. In spiritual sequel Dark Souls, the developers have a more ingenious way to harass others.

The Pyromancer has the ability to summon a Gravelord, setting it free upon another player's world to attack and harass that player until it's killed. The Pyromancer can't decide who it is they're attacking, they won't even be told how the attack goes. So why do it? Because, From Software thinks, sometimes it's fun to be a little malicious, a little tormenting to a stranger.


    That's a neat idea, but there needs to be some feedback about how your griefing goes, or it feels pointless.

      That's probably a good thing, though - it means there will be a limited amount of griefing. If it actually gave some kind of reward for this then it would be overused. Especially since, while there's no reward in it for the griefer, there's also no risk. At least in Demon's Souls if you invaded as a black phantom you were running the risk of getting defeated by the person you were invading.

    If there is no point to it for the person sending it then why bother. People generally do these sort of antics because there is a perceived reward.

    As for the poor sap stuck with it I do hope it's not as hard to deal with as the rest of the game - or there is a serious reward for dispatching it.

    It's so true! I spent a lot of time invading peoples worlds and killing them. It was so fun! particularly as a melee class! Mage class was too easy, I would invade and cast Flamestorm for Lulz!

    Kinda feels a little pointless -- invading other peoples world was fun. Using an item to infect their world without seeing the results / getting anything just doesn't add anything to your experience (i imagine it'll fun to have your own world infected the first few times)

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