Darksiders II's Death And The Horse He Rode In On

The extended announcement trailer for THQ's Darksiders II is here, giving us a deeper appreciation of Death and his majestic steed. Is it just me, or is that horse looking a little pallid?

After bringing war to life in Darksiders the first, Vigil Games takes on the monumental task of granting a personality and likeability to the end of all things. If I were in charge, I would have started with the horse. He named his horse Despair? Way to stereotype Death as a goth. It's insulting and displays a lack of cultural knowledge. Old school goths have all graduated to steampunk now. They should have named the beast Victoria and made it clockwork.

If I were Death, my horse would be named Mr. Wufflies. It's not like it's going to make the people I come to take away any less terrified. Besides, you don't need to be scared to die. Perhaps a little levity is in order.


    Is it just me or does Death look like Jason just needs a hockey stick

      Looks more like Mick Thompson from Slipknot


    To be fair and Honest, I loved the first Darksiders, I look forward to this.

    Will DarkSiders 5 have all four horsemen in multi-player co-op madness? or maybe a Super Smash Bros. mode?

      I loved Darksiders, one of the best games of 2010, looking forward to the sequel.

    " Is it just me, or is that horse looking a little pallid?"

    His Horse is meant to look Pale.

    The 4th Horseman Aka Death is the Pale Horseman

    And as for the horse name i assume it's following the same logic as the naming behind War's horse. In that it is what the Horsemans name leaves in it's trail.

    So when a War passes through The area lies in Ruin. Thus War's horse is named Ruin.

    When Death Strikes it leaves grief and Despair

    Everyone knows Death's horse name is Binky.



      I was waiting for someone else to mention it... was worried I might have to do it myself otherwise

    If you click on the image, you can see it's called deathanddespair.jpg although I would rather have seen deathandbinky.jpg

    I enjoyed the first one, but it was fairly short, with nothing to do once you beat the story. I'm hoping this one comes with a new game+ at least.

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