Dear Valve. This Girl Wants A Job.

Meet Erin. She rally wants to work at Valve, and after sending her resume three times, she's taken to YouTube. With a not so modest proposal. And a song.

Thanks, Brandon for the tip!


    oh you wanna work in the game industry? you wanna work at valve? hey, how bout you get in line with the 100s of people who want to do, some people

      You're not commenting loud enough! I don't think she can hear you yet....

    Well, she'll get noticed at least! Here's hoping she has the talent to back it up

    That was surprisingly not-crap. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if she gets noticed for it, by Valve, but not hired yet. With a decent portfolio and a follow up in a few years with a "remember that girl that wrote a song that got a bit of publicity but you didn't hire? That was me, and look what I've done since!" email, this ploy could well work.

    She works well ON a team?!
    What type of job is she looking for?

    It'd be good if you know, she listed some qualifications instead of saying she played Left 4 Dead. Just saying.

    She only wants to so she can brag about working for them, it even says so in the song.

    looked at her website. She is nowhere near good enough.

    How many games have you worked on? Do you have a worthwhile PhD in the psychology of games? Have you managed to do wonders with the source engine that even Valve has not managed to do?

    Oh you just made a badly animated video... Oh.

      A worthwhile degree in the psychology of games? The amount of jobs in a game company that requires psychology in any form are -very- -minimal-.

    Dear Erin,

    what a talentless retard, when valve turns you down accept it

    I tried to get a job at SONY to work on God of War 3 and they said they were looking for someone with more experience.... I guess 4 years of experience isn't enough for those guys. I'm happy here at Insomniac but I don't want to work at EA so I am trying to get into Naughty Dog or Light Box, I'll even take sucker punch. Sanat Monica is still not hiring, again. This industry is a chore to get into so I feel for this girl, she'll get in eventually, she has like 5 of these animations on her utube page, dedicated fans do not go unnoticed especially at Valve of all places.

    Valve's a profitable business. Profitable businesses don't hire people who aren't qualified. If her resume was turned down three times, she's not qualified.

    I would love to work at Valve as well. A lot of people would. But WANTING to work at a company or institute, and being qualified to work at that company or institute are very different things.

    I sympathize with her. But if she thinks Valve will give her a job because of this, she's delusional. Fan enthusiasm is not a replacement for a good CV.

    A crappy flash animation and and a poorly written song? That outshines the 100 other people with actual talent for sure! Seriously, I've been to her site, there's no wonder why she hasn't been hired. As Gaben says "If you know enough to ask the question, you know what the answer is going to be"

    Two words spring to mind. Cringe worthy.

    "I'll keep bugging you until you call".
    Or until they take out a restraining order...

    Is she applying as a model/art designer or something? Because if her video is in anyway indicative of her portfolio I reckon I could do better & I have little-to-no drawing talent.

    If she really wants a job as a 3d artist, concept artist or programmer or whatever, how about showing the skills in the 'youtube pitch'. Lots of us want to work for valve. hell lots of us creative artists just want a break in the industry no matter what we would be working on.

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