Discoverer Is An Unreal Engine-Powered iPhone Game From The Ex-Sonic Team At Prope

Former Sonic Team lead Yuji Naka and his Prope studio aren't solely focused on bringing new fishing games to the Wii. They have plenty of iPhone and iPad projects under their belt, including the newly released, Unreal-powered Discoverer.

Prope's Discoverer, released on iTunes last week, looks similar to the also Unreal Engine-powered tech demo Epic Citadel, which Epic Games and Chair followed up with the gorgeous Infinity Blade. Like Epic Citadel, Prope's latest iOS release looks like little more than a sightseeing tour with some small gaming systems thrown in.

Still, Prope appears to be doing something a bit more ambitious with Discoverer, at least compared to the rest of its iPhone fare, which includes Fluffy Bear, Real Skijump HD and a handful of Let's Tap minigames.

Prope's Discoverer will set you back $3.99 if you're feeling adventurous.

PD -prope discoverer- [iTunes]


    I like catsles

      Yeah. I lost interest when I saw 'catsles'. Also, it looks like they spent half a week modding Epic Citadel. Not amazing.

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