Do A Barrel Roll: Star Fox 64 3D Hits Australia In September

We've just gotten the official word from Nintendo - Star Fox 64 3D will be released here on September 15. Thou must partake in a barrel roll.

The game will cost $69.95 in Australia, and $99.95 in NZ.

I had a quick bash at the game last month and was heartily impressed with it. Much like Ocarina of Time, it features quite the visual upgrade and - NOSTALGIA!


    Those poor Kiwis... First they're forced to live in New Zealand, now they're being charged more than Aussies for games!

    Wow. We're complaining about the pricing of games in Australia where NZ is getting curb-stomped into the gutter :(

    Don't really have any nostalgic connection to this franchise, so I'll probably be skipping this one. Might get it if it's on sale down the track to see what the fuss is about though.

    Bring on Kid Icarus, I say!

    Meh, i already have all of these games on my 64. So why would I buy them again?

    especially when the first thing I'm going to do is turn off the 3D.

      Well then don't buy it and stop complaining.

        I won't buy it, but I'm still going to complain. Thanks.

          Why do you feel the need to ruin it for the ones looking forward to it?

          What a miserable existence it must be to find solace in bitching and complaining.

    I spilt my lemonade when I found out NZ's price, one word ozgameshop.

      err... I think you mean

    Getting it day one, granted it seems a little pricey but I loved this game back on the N64 and having it on the 3DS is just better.

    This and Mercenaries are the only games I've been looking forward to on this thing. And made to wait forever for each of them. Mercs is alright, but a bit rough around the edges. Lylat Wars is my last hope ;_;

      Is it Lylat wars or star fox?
      I had Lylat wars on my 64...

    Why do they need to keep the 64 in the name?

    This one's not on the Nintendo 64.

    How can you do a barrel roll in Starfox? The game's too arcade to perform your own maneuvers, and there's no button input to do it. Not that it will actually be useful in a game like Starfox.

      What starfox calls a "barrel roll" is in reality the Aileron roll, a 360° spin on it's wing axis, a barrel roll can be easily executed using combinations with the boost button, in starfox 64 you get a lot of enemies that stay on your tail, and the barrel roll is the only way to get rid of them.

    Honestly why does anyone buy this stuff? Its a 13 year old game! And even the N64 version is a remake of the SNES 1992 game. I'm sure there is a lot of talent at Nintendo, but nothing will ever be developed if fanboys keep buying this shit.

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