Don't Expect Latest BioShock On Wii U Anytime Soon

Despite appearing on stage at E3 to talk up the Wii U, BioShock designer Ken Levine now told IGN this about the Wii U, "Just to be clear, there are no plans. I'm not saying it can't happen, but we have no plans to do any games for that platform." Oh.



    Screw Bioshock, i think we all know what would be perfect on the Wii U!

    System Shock 2 Remake!

      Have you played Bioshock? It pretty much is System Shock 2, with a few changes..same twist at the end and

        I have played Bioshock and it was good, but what im really saying is the Interface of System Shock 2 would be perfect for the Wii U tablet

      System Shock 2 sucks ass compared with Bioshock. If they're going to do anything, i'd rather an original game.

    I wouldn't expect a Bioshock game on the Wii U anyway. The control scheme alone would ruin the immersion of the game. But a System Shock game or something like that would fit in perfectly.

    lol, he's only one letter off being Kevin Levin from Ben Ten.

      a few more than that...

        Yes I have noticed this quite often. All the cool kids have :)

    I wonder if that comment is Take-Two in general or just whatever he is working on.....

    Could very well be another team that does a port to Wii U.

      Exactly - the original Bioshock was ported to the PS3 months after its initial release by 2K Marin IIRC

    Actually, the original Bioshock wouldn't do too badly, you could use the WiiU controller for the hacking minigame :D

    Ken Levine looks a lot like Charlie Day.

    Ports are always crap anyway.

    So why was he on stage to talk it up in the first place then? Nintendo really should have waited longer before announcing if they are paying someone who isn't even developing for them to promote it. Not to mention the 360\PS3 footage!

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