Don't Just Sit There, Let These Toys Blow Your Mind

Gundam. Draonball. Kamen Rider. Great Mazinger, even. Namco Bandai's 2011 Tamashii Nation toy show proves just how wonderful (and awesome) Japanese figures can be. Don't believe me?

Have a look at the pics in the gallery, courtesy of website Gigazine. There are some old favourites in there as well as new characters like the pirate-infused Gokaiger.

"Tamashii" means "soul" or "spirit" in Japanese, and Namco Bandai's Tamashii label brings that passion to toys and figurines.

TIGER&BUNNY」フィギュア ,魂FES2011」アイテム, 待望のダークプリキュア登場, 新旧のスーパーロボット, ゴーカイジャーがS.H.Figuartsやデマプチに, SIC昭和ライダーなど, SDガンダム外伝からAGEまで [Gigazine]


    No Tekkaman Blade? No Evangelion?

    I am disappoint.

    3 Weissritters.

    Not disappoint.

    Also, are they doing an anime version of the Scream movies?

    Even awesome Bandai models can't make Gundam AGE look good. :(

    However, I will probably still do any MG kits from it they make, because they are just so much fun to put together. :)

    Heisei era Godzilla memorabilia would be on my list of shit to collect... Space Godzilla scene is epic.

    Kinda would have been awesome to see some Gundam Seed models or even some Armored Core, but I guess you can't win them all.

    Heh, that first one with the lion on his chest is sitting in it's box in my garage... Bought him about 25 years ago in Hong Kong with my dad. Very cool

    That Vegeta looks no better than the cheap crap you could have bought from any shop about 5 years ago.

    Other toys look cool though.

    I watched Ultraman all the time as a kid. I must fight the urge to look up Ultraman figurines on eBay...

    Darn I wish those S.H Figuarts Tiger & Bunny figures didn't sell out like hot cakes..really want one. Disappointed on the camera angle for Cybuster...doesn't do it justice :(.

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