Double Dragon II Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

Side-scrolling beat 'em up Double Dragon II: The Revenge, the arcade version is being remade for Xbox Live Arcade. Good news so far, right? What may be less exciting is the 3D remake of the arcade original, which looks... well...

Based on Co-optimus' preview of the game now known as Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons, the modern-day update is lacking in a little visual charm, bordering on bland. Fortunately, it looks a bit better in motion, with an expanded move set and combo system.

The price (1200 Microsoft Points) may turn you off if the visuals haven't and unanswered questions about the availability of online cooperative play may kill Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons's hopes of getting many of us back into Billy and Jimmy beat 'em up mode.

Wander of the Dragons looks like it has potential for mindless, enemy stomping thrills, but we'll have to wait until September to give it a spin.

3D Double Dragon II Remake Coming to XBLA as Wander of the Dragons [Co-optimus]


    Why couldn't they have just ported the iPhone version of the first game? That game would be AWESOME with a control pad!

    Ugh... didn't devs learn anything from Turtles in Time Reshelled? Sprites please....

    This will have nothing on Castle Crashers!

    Wait are we getting the classic arcade edition as well as a 3D remake?

    I'm enough of a Double Dragon fan to probably buy both.

    I always prefer a nice 2D update rather than a 3D/poly one. Retro games in 3D seem gimicky and not in keeping with the original aesthetic.

    +1 to the above. SSFII:HD Remix is the perfect example of how old games should be brought to the younger (and nostalgic older) audience.

    Personally, DD3 is one of my favourite side-scrollers of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    Somebody! Bring it back with HD sprites!

    Guardian Heroes Remix will crush this!
    Sprites FTMFW!!

    PS: Never played the Arcade of Double Dragon 2, but I bet the NES version was better, they shoulda ported that sucker over, and given it a "Scott Pilgrim(game)" style makeover!

    /rant :p

    yes TSH, said it. Nostalgi only comes back with examples like Street Fighert 2 HD. Unfortunately Capcom was not able to continue this way for their old classics. See the new Streetfighter 3 XBLA arcade version, presented in no HD... whats up CAPCOM. Double Dragon XBLA (2007) was also a good example hot to pimp the old classics. But unfortunatly they removed it from the marketplace. I was not able to buy it, due to the remove. ARRRG..

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