Download Brink's Agents Of Change DLC On August 3

The battle for The Ark spills over into the underwater Labs facility and Founders' Tower on August 3, when the free Agents of Change downloadable content is released for Bethesda's Brink.

Consisting of a pair of fresh maps, a bunch new clothing and weapon attachments, and a level cap boost to 24, Agents of Change is Bethesda and developer Splash Damage's way of saying sorry about Brink thank you to the players that have flocked to the game on Steam, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Mind you the thank you only lasts for two weeks, after which a price tag shall be affixed, so download it early if you wish to bask in the gratitude.


    the ironic thing is, those screenshots show how empty the servers are.

      LOL! sure does, 2 weeks and i stopped playing this "game"

        2 weeks? I commend your persistance sir, I didn't give it more than 2 days play. The next DLC should be a free single player campaign, as it seemed to be missing from the original.

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