Dragon's Dogma Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Dragon's Dogma is rumoured to be the most expensive game Capcom has ever made. Wonder where that money is going? It's going into things like this!

In the game, this is a Chimera. It's also a Chimera in Greek mythology.

And if you think it's scary now, imagine what it was like in classical times.

Dragon's Dogma is slated for a 2012 release and is the next big gamble from Capcom's Devil May Cry team.


    My hype continues to increase for this game. DMC team have done right by me so far.

    I can honestly say this is the only time I've seen a Chimera done right in a game. If the screenies are any indication this is going to be a fantastic addition to my collection.

    "And if you think it’s scary now, imagine what it was like in classical times."

    Eh? They didn't, uh, really exist...

    Hype is definitely increasing exponentially as we speak.

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