Driver: San Francisco 'Shifts' Into Gear

A while back I rambled on about how much fun I had in Driver: San Francisco's multiplayer component. I found it quite difficult to really explain just how the new 'shift' mechanic really transforms the gameplay, but thankfully Ubisoft has created a developer diary that does a decent job of it.

It doesn't focus on multiplayer, but it does go into detail on the layers of strategy that 'shift' evokes. It's good stuff.


    Your report on it certainly piqued my interest. I can imagine if it had a random point to point race that was ongoing it would be brilliant fun, so long as the jumping to new cars is limited to some degree.. Similar to 1nsane's point to point style racing, which was all kinds of brilliant. I wish they would remake 1nsane...

    I'm almost sold on it. Now all they need to do is support racing wheels and I'll definitely buy it.

    Havent seen a driving game ooze this much style since the original Driver, cant wait to try it!

      Original Driver was amazing! I loved how the cars felt like they had real weight to them and the camera was very close to the car but you could still see around it easily.

      I don't think they're going for that angle in this one.

    Haha. Love how everyones got expensive cars and then one dude has a piece of shit Delorean. He probably didn't drive it incase it broke down.

    I get that the game is called driver, but does the whole interview have to take place while the dudes are driving?

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