Duke Nukem Forever Is Suddenly All About The Rainbows

Nyan Cat, which is either the best or worst thing to happen to the internet in 2011, is certainly the best thing to happen to Duke Nukem Forever in this clip from the game's opening stage.

Having seen (and, admittedly, drawn) a dick or two on that whiteboard in my time, it's great seeing somebody get a little more creative with it.

[via Gamefreaks]


    Typical Luke Plunkett crap!

    Bahaha. Nice.

    Considering I can only do crudely drawn dicks, this is talent.

    bahahahaha that was awesome!

    Even better i got to listen o nyan cat whilst watching :)

    it's good

    Nyan cat is deservedly poptartular.

    I vote for "worst thing".

    This puts my Nyan Cat to shame... http://yfrog.com/kkd1yp

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