EB Now Accepting iPhone Trades For Store Credit Or Cash

We've just received word that EB, in addition to taking iPads and iPods as trades, will now be accepting iPhones. If you want to get rid of your phones and exchange it for credit in store, you can.

But surprisingly, this does not mean that EB will be selling pre-owned iPhones in-store, not yet at least. For now it appears like EB will be moving on iPhones to other sellers.

Apparently EB have been allowing iPhones as trades since last Friday.

At the moment the prices you'll get for iPhone trades are as follows:

iPhone 4 32GB - $267 iPhone 4 16GB - $262 HTC Desire - $120

That's all the prices we know for now but, as you can see above EB will be allowing trades for most iPhone models.

In addition - you can take cash as opposed to trade credit, but you'll receive 20% less on all trades - which seems like a bum deal in our humble opinion.

Not too sure how I feel about this.

EB Games Trading In Used Phones For Store Credit [Gizmodo]


    what a rip, considering the iPhone 4 retails for what $850? Classic EB..

    I don't think it's a good idea to offer cash for phones. It could make EB an easy outlet for stolen phones.

    Store credit only.

      They still have to take your details, regardless of cash or credit.

        in NSW they are not allowed to give cash, just sayin.

        apparently its against some law.

          It was a QLD store we spoke to, so this might make sense.

            They can offer cash if they have a PAWN Broker License, its how Game Traders can offer cash for trade ins as well as store credit.

    Just shows how desperate the retailers are

    Seems like a ripoff, but wonder if they'll take overseas models? I've been trying to figure out what to do with my US one for a while now

    Totally boycotting EB from now one

    Trade ins are a rip - you're better off using social network sites to sell it privately. They'll sell it for like twice as much anyway - smug asses.

    I thought they'd been doing that for awhile - or maybe that was just the iPod touch? Anyway, I recall seeing them take iProducts in trade around the same time they started selling those iPhone controllable helicopter toys.

    I'm also surprised they're offering cash AT ALL. I once tried to get a refund of cash for a game I had bought partially with trade-in credit and I was refused outright because (according to the manager of the shop here in the Gleries victoria in Sydney), it would be illegal due to EB not being a licensed pawn shop.

    Funny, because Gametraders were more than happy to give me cash for some old N64 games and they're not a pawn shop either.

      I returned a purchase of Battlefield 2142 (in NSW) because the key had already been used. The ACCC advised me that a refund of cash was allowable and I had no problems when I mentioned the name of the person I was corresponding with at the ACCC.

      Something about the ACCC/Fair Trading tends to get retailers behaving more. Weird that...

      Here's the POS sign that retailers are "encouraged" to display to support the national refund policy - http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml?itemId=993047

        "Something about the ACCC/Fair Trading tends to get retailers behaving more. Weird that…"

        I worked in retail for some time. Don't be so fast to assume throwing around threats of contacting the Dept of Fair Trading will scare a retailer.

        A smart retailer will be pretty versed in fair trading regulations.

        On more than one occasion I contacted the DoFT as a retailer to clarify my rights before telling someone to take their complaint and shove it.. It works both ways you know.

          most gametraders have a Pawn Brokers License

          (im friends with a GT store Owner)

      FWIW, there are a range of different "trade licences" that are required to even trade goods. As it turns out the licence to trade goods for cash costs a lot more than the licence to trade goods for store credit; i believe it also requires the goods to be kept for 14 days before the store is allowed to put them up for sale.

      So you can see that only trading for store credit and being able to sell the traded goods immediately is much more appealing to EB. What you were being told was that EB would still be in breach of their licence if they gave you a full refund (that is, refunding as cash the portion you paid with store credit from trades). However, what you probably weren't being told is that the portion you paid with your own money can be refunded.

      In short, any store credit from trade-ins has to always be used as store credit and can't, at any time, turn that into real monies (at least in NSW) - but if you want to go in and trade a few games and pay 50/50 cash then bring it back within their 7 day return and get a refund you can always put the credit towards a pre-order, so it stays in the system (and a preorder can be cancelled and the total value used towards something else at a later date).

        Logically that would be the case. However when I asked, this is not what I was told by EB - who were obviously more willing to keep my money than help me out.

    Sounds like a bum deal all round, Apple devices retain far, far more resale value than this. A new 32g iPhone 4 is just shy of a grand.

    trade for cash doesn't apply in NSW (or ACT i think). Each state has different trade laws.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You'd be better selling it on eBay or even to a friends, neighbour or just giving it away as a gift. Especially if you own a HTC Desire.

    What a joke. You only get $5 more for trading in a 32GB iPhone 4.

    iPhones are one of the best products in the world for resale, sell your iPhone 4 on eBay or Gumtree and you'll get about $600 or more at this point in time.

    Get lost EB.

    Does the phone need to work? I got a borked 3GS!!

    lmao @ a lousy $5 more for a 32GB. Are you sure that price is correct?

    I admire them expanding, but at those prices?! I reckon you could get that selling a 3G iPhone; many hundreds more for the 4.

    I'd be happy buying a Desire off of someone for $120. Think of the profit when you mark it back up to $800.

    LMFAO nice price eb. i rather sell it to a homeless guy for a dollar.

    I always hated eb. go EBAY!


    EB trade-in offers have always been completely shit. I refuse to shop at EB where possible, unless Game or another game store is unable to price match a sale item... But that happens very rarely because most stores are happy to beat them.

    I'm not quite sure how these trade-in deals get business. I suppose it's all those ignorant parents who don't know any better or young kids who are looking for some easy and fast money.

    Personally, I think game stores should stick to the content they're supposed to sell. Games.

    I made them price match a bundle which gave me a copy of Arkham Asylum for $2, I am not really welcome back there.

    I am a former EB Manager and while I don't hold any love for the company I have to say that those iphone sku's are not for trade. Anything in red in the trade system are not being traded, even if they do have a trade price. Not sure why they are in there but if any staff member was to try to trade those sku's the system wouldn't let them.

      How long's it been since you were at EB? I'm a current employee (OH GOD HELP ME) and red colouration signifies a preowned entry in the system.

        In the lookup screen red does mean it's a preowned item; but, in the trade screen you definitely can not trade in anything that's red.

      In the trade screen red signifies non tradable. Ipod related products are an exception to the rule. Just like Ipod accessories are also listed in red in inventory.

    how is this news? EB has been advertising this for at least a week (that i know of). In store (QLD) printed adverts say it all.

      "How is this news? I knew about this before everyone else! Everyone look at how informed I am!"

      It hasn't been reported anywhere yet. That's why it's news.

        Perhaps i should have worded it like this.

        Wow great news marky mark, by using a dodgy phone pic ppl think this is exciting, even though when plain old paper advertising is done legit in store, or was that gizmodo's story? I'm confused...anyway...Love Chuloopa.

    Shouldn't it be "POS APPLE PHONES"?

    This is such a rip.

    Mazuma mobile will pay
    $350 - iphone 4 16gb
    $392 - iphone 4 32gb

    for all we know, they will just send the traded phones in themselves.

    send them youself and get the extra cash people.

    Ebay them people!

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