Enjoy A Portal Song, Sung By Two Valve Voice-Over Greats

I know, Portal junk and stuff are so prevalent it sometimes feels as if the internet is drowning in it, but you will still be better off watching this video, filmed over the weekend at the Anime Midwest festival in Chicago.

That lady up on stage, Ellen McLain, you're about to hear her sing the closing song to Portal 2, Want You Gone. Which is neat, considering she's provided the voice of GlaDOS in both Portal games (as well as Team Fortress 2's announcer). What I really liked, though, were the banjo skills of John Patrick Lowrie, who is not only McLain's husband, but also the man behind Team Fortress 2's Sniper and Half-Life 2's moustachioed fighting man Odessa Cubbage.

(Video by Maria Msdbzbabe | YouTube)


    Now I have images of the Engineer and Sniper having a guitar vs. banjo rock off. This is awesome.

    The singing wasn't great, but it's amazing how close her voice is to Glados. I'm very impressed.

      Um.. that's like saying its amazing how much she sounds like herself.. you realise she is the actual voice actor for Glados, right?

        In the sense that although they modified her voice to sound like a computer, she still sounds remarkably similar.

    Talented duo, and a nice thing to do as guests!
    (DEFINITELY not phoned in!)

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