EVE Online Thinks It's 'Real'

After a little, let's say, negative publicity of late, EVE Online developers CCP have released this trailer as a reminder of why people play the game in the first place.

Well, OK, one of the reasons. Back-stabbing and political intrigue don't make for great trailers, though.


    The trailer is part of an advertising campaign (obviously), for a micro-site that will be launched sometime in the near future for existing players to archive their EVE Online experiences to get people who don't play EVE interested.

    I also beg to differ back-stabbing and political intrigue make for fantastic trailers:

    Perhaps a little further research could help you to improve the quality of your future articles.

    "Back-stabbing and political intrigue don’t make for great trailers, though." Speak for yourself. I enjoy movies and books with those sorts of themes if done well.

    Who says backstabbing and political intrigue don't make great trailers?

    Argh, this trailer makes me want to play EvE... and pay for it too! Just like the 4 trailers I've seen before... which each time get me to download but lose interest after 2 days of free play.

    From everything I've heard about EVE, you can't play it casually and hope to have fun.
    I'm sticking to Street Fighter.

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