Even Team Fortress 2's Mann Co Store Is Having A Sale

Now that Team Fortress 2 is free-to-play, what will you spend your disposable income on? Perhaps newly price-slashed items in the game's Mann Co store! Many of those virtual items are on sale, just like tons of other Steam stuff.

Some of those virtual goods, which one could argue carry price tags too hefty, are a measly 99 US cents (or less). The benefit to you may be more than just a snazzy top hat or less expensive Axtinguisher for your Pyro. Spending your hard-earned money on Mann Co things will turn your "Free" account into a "Premium" account, give you the advantages paying players already enjoy.

That could mean you don't have to play Team Fortress 2 as a second class citizen anymore, letting you into all the cool servers.

To further incentivise you to pay for virtual things, Valve has added a bunch of wearable items for the Scout, including flip-flops, summer hats and fireworks. And to give you a bigger opportunity to spend more on virtual things, it looks like Valve is planning on boosting the number of accessory slots per character. Hats everywhere!

Summer Sale! [Team Fortress]


    second class citizen link is broken, it just links to the US verison of this article

    What are flip-flops? I thought he had thongs.

    Plus, why only have summer things? It's only summer in half the world. Maybe they just don't think about their other users so much.

    Anyway, I have my new gear. Ready to go fight the xbox kiddies!

      flip-flops are American for thongs, and of course they only have Summer items, there's no other country but America in the southern hemisphere (Since every other country esentially copies them including us)

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