Exercise Games – Do Any Of Them Even Work?

Exercise Games – Do Any Of Them Even Work?
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On Monday we usually have a Community Review, where we discuss the latest releases – but since there aren’t any new games of note, I thought I’d ask everyone a question. What has your experience with exercise games been? Has anyone given one a serious go? Anyone bought one?

I actually use Wii Fit regularly, as a scale. I’m trying to lose five kilos and I’ve become quite obsessive about weighing myself and charting my progress. But I can’t say I’ve ever used a game to actually exercise, or had any direct results from using them.

Recently I gave Ubisoft’s Your Shape on Kinect a go, and found the interface fun, and the exercises interesting, but I’m not sure how much of it is just presentation and fluff.

Apparently UFC: Personal Trainer is awesome – genuinely. I have a copy, but haven’t tried it yet.

I think, like anything, getting results is a result of your own motivation and commitment regardless of how you do it. You could probably lose weight by jogging on the spot in your bathroom five times a week, just as long as you were consistent.

But anyway – what have your experiences been? Anyone got any success stories?


  • I found Wii Fit more useful as a scale too. My fitness kick is long, nearly forgotten memory though — who knows what would’ve happened if I stuck with it.

  • No personals stories, but I have spoken to a number of women who have lost everything from a few kilos to 20kgs using the Wii Fit and other Wii fitness games.

    To boot, I have also spoken to some older men and women who have used the Wii Fit to help them improve their mobility.

    The product seems to work for some people, but just like exercise in general, it will depend on the person whether it keeps them interested and is accessible and convenient for them. For me, its just a little bit of something fun when I feel restless and don’t want to slump on the couch or get too involved in a game.

  • UFC Personal Trainer’s actually helped me survive my real Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes, so I guess it helps conditioning. I haven’t had any weight loss, but that’s probably my diet at fault more than anything else.

  • My missus thought wii fit would be a great idea for losing some weight. That lasted about a week, and now her lazy arse is fatter than ever. lol

  • EA Sports Active 2 for the Kinect has been awesome so far.
    Sets a good schedule, works to your level and includes a heart rate monitor and resistance band. I’ve coupled using it 4 days a week along with a new diet and have lost almost 8 kilos in 2 1/2 weeks. I’d highly recommend it.

  • Civilization II helped me lose 5kg in the 1990s when I kept skipping meals because I wanted to play “just another turn”.

    • Civilisation and World of Warcraft both did bad things to my weight. I have lost and gained weight at different times playing those games. It was basically dependent on if I had to leave the house or not. When I didn’t have a job I would starve because I couldn’t be bothered to go out and get food when I could keep grinding/one more turning. When I did have a job I put on weight because I would get energy rich food when I was out so I could eat while playing.

      Sometimes I wish I had the time to play games like that again but I think my body is probably glad that I don’t.

  • Iv tried shakes, programs, and starvation.
    Nothing shed those pounds like my nintendo wii.

    I used to bargain hunt jam doughnuts, now thanks to Wii Fit Plus im poking the fresh stuff.

    • Shakes and starvation will never get you anywhere. I don’t intend to sound harsh there, but it’s simply the truth.

      More people need to realize that changes in weight is 80% diet, 20% exercise. In fact, the majority of the population can lose as much weight as they want simply by getting their nutrition in line and never exercising.

  • My wife (and I to a lesser extent) uses the Wii Fit board for tracking weight but we enjoy EA Active 2 the most — the workouts are pretty decent especially using dumb-bells, and it’s nice to have the heart-rate monitor.

  • The wii Fit… I remember that one too…
    GF said, that would be great and fun…
    now its with the wii, under a big fat pile of dust, hasn’t been turned on for months… gold.

  • I know a university of Sydney honors student was looking for volunteers to participate in a wii fit study late last year, don’t know if anything came from that…

  • I was keen to give Wii Tennis a bash – Went to a mates to play, got myself all in a sweaty lather – My mate THRASHED me with just quick flicks of the wrist while I was prancing around the living room like Bjorn Borg (old tennis player kiddies)

    Never again…

  • Wife uses EA Sports Active 2 and Wii Fit Plus (for the Yoga) and it works great, lost kilos and toned up.

    I’m yet to try it.

  • I’ve yet to try any of this but was considering of getting Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout on the Wii since I heard it was pretty good as a game and an excercise game.

  • I tried UFC too soon after eating, and got to exercise 6 out of 19 before I threw up. Strictly speaking, it’s good for weight loss.

  • Exercise games seem to work for me. I recently got Kinect with Dance Central for my birthday and have been playing it most nights with my bf. Also bought UFC Personal Trainer and that definitely works, usually feel sore the next day if I do a few workouts in one session.

    Pretty sure I have gotten more toned since playing these games on a regular basis but was a size 8 to start with so it is hard to tell.

  • I don’t have any weight to lose, but I bought Fitness Evolved for my sister… The few times I’ve used it, you do get your heart rate and breathing up… so I’d think it’s effective.

  • Dance Central is a major freakin workout, but when you drink 12 beers each whilst playing, it prob defeats the purpose 🙂

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